Minsk Cycling Society
development of cycling and infrastructure
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Minsk Cycling Society
development of cycling and infrastructure
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Minsk Cycling Society
development of cycling and infrastructure
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Proposals have been prepared for the draft technical standards (JV “Streets of Settlements”) concerning bicycle infrastructure

A stationary counter of cyclists was installed on Independence Avenue

Thanks to MBO, more than 10 express stations for bicycle repair appeared in Minsk


The first bicycle lane in Minsk was opened on the roadway along Horuzhei Street

A training seminar was held for designers and traffic police

The first cycling conference "PraRovar.Tourism" was held in Belarus

Cycling concepts have been developed for Slonim, Mostov, Bykhov, Krichev, Chaus


The National Concept for the Development of Cycling Adopted

Proposals for changing traffic rules have been made

An information resource about the bicycle infrastructure of Belarus has been created

A strategic plan for ensuring the development of cycling in Minsk until 2020 has been developed


The first cycling forum "PraRovar" was held

A coordinating council for the development of cycling was created under the Minsk City Executive Committee

Summer camp for cycling activists organized

Campaign # Bezcolaўtorkvalak launched


The Eurovelo-2 route from Minsk to Novogrudok has been developed

MBO joined European Mobility Week

The first "VeloFest" was held at the Chablis farm

2015- 2011

2015 – The first bicycle parade "VivaRovar"a picnic at the Lebyazhy water park, hvillage #30daysofbiking

2014 - The beginning of the work of the Cycling School in Minsk

2013 - Public bicycle workshop Garage 38 was opened

2012 - Minsk Cycling Society became a member of ECF - the largest European organization uniting many non-profit organizations that develop bicycle transport

2011 - The birth of the Minsk Cycling Society

More than 40% residents of large cities ride a bike
⅔ families living in big cities have bicycles
There are 800 thousand cars and 800 thousand adult bicycles in the City of Minsk
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Pedal with us

Thanks to your contributions, we are changing Minsk together right now

For this we:

- We work with the city administration
- We constantly suggest how to improve the infrastructure
- We participate in street design
- We organize bright cycling holidays
- We develop the legal framework




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