We are a public organization. It is important for us that we have more registered members. This increases our credibility and makes it easier for us to lobby for the interests of cyclists.

Being a member of an organization does not mean that you will be forced to do something. Many of our friends who do not have enough time to participate in our work become members just to support our work.

We want every cyclist to understand that MBO stands for his interests and become a member of our organization.

Why become an MBO member?

You want to join us - you can do it in 10 minutes, without getting up from your seat. Here's what you need to do this:

1. Fill out a short questionnaire
2. Pay the entrance fee remotely. Contribution amount - 1 base amount (29 rubles)
3. Check e-mail: within a few weeks we will send information about the membership card number and where you can pick it up.

If you want to become a member of the MBO

Methods of payment of entrance, membership fees

1. Through ERIP

This is the preferred payment method. Using this system, you can pay for services at most branches and cash desks of banks, self-service kiosks, some ATMs and cash machines. When paying through ERIP, you can use WebMoney, iPay, Internet banking and mobile banking systems.

More information about the methods and places of payment can be found on the website of the system

Look for us in the list of services along the following path:

Charity, public associations
   > Sports associations
      > Minsk Cycling Society
         > Membership fee

When paying membership fee enter a three or four-digit membership card number - Cyckist ID (issued after payment of the entry fee).

2. By card of the Belarusian bank on the website (search in the category "Legal entities").

3. Direct bank transfer

Contact us by mail you want to use this option.

Attention. We do not accept cash contributions. Cash collection can be organized at mass thematic events, in accordance with the legislation of Belarus.

The contribution is valid for a year from the date of payment (for example, if you paid on July 1, 2020, until it is valid until June 30, 2021). You cannot pay for two years in advance: if you pay less than a month before the end of the previous installment, then the new one will be valid for a year from the end of the current one, if earlier, then the period is not extended.

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