The MBO pauses. We tell you what we continue to do


Friends, while the "traditional" work of the team of the Minsk Cycling Society is either impossible or not relevant, we save resources as much as possible.


  • Most of our work team has been distanced from the cycling business for now. Maxim Puchinsky is now working with members of the organization. Tanya Zharnosek runs social networks. To communicate with the MBO, you can still write messages on social networks or in the chats of the organization.
  • Our office has been "narrowed down" to one small room. The address is the same: st. May Day, 18, room 504.

What are we NOT doing now?

  1. We have suspended cooperation with the city authorities. We see no reason to work on changes in legislation while the laws are not working in the country.
  2. We have suspended cooperation with pro-government media. We do not want to support the media in any way, which does not present information correctly.
  3. We do not organize any massive offline events, because it is not safe in a pandemic and there is no way to coordinate these events with the authorities.

What are we continuing to do?

  1. We continue to cooperate with our commercial partners. This means that the members of the MBO have all the same "goodies" as before August 9th.
  2. We continue to work with independent media.
  3. We continue to work with our members and are open to new ideas and suggestions, as far as possible in the current reality.
  4. We will continue to publish cycling news, advocate for cycling initiatives, and strive to maintain the morale of our friends and “sympathizers”.

We will be glad for your feedback and just words of support.
Take care of yourself.
Your MBO team.

Photo: Yuri Melnik

2020, November 12th

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