Garage 38

Garage 38 Bicycle Kitchen is a free public workshop and a venue for cycling events. There are many such places around the world, and everywhere they become centers of the cycle life, gathering around the most active and creative people.

In Garage 38, located in the city center, you can:

  1. Use the Garage site and the adjacent territory to repair, set up and carry out maintenance of your bike.
  2. Use the usual and specialized tools, tools and consumables located in the Garage.
  3. Find any part or accessory for your bike that other Garage visitors have left behind. And also donate unnecessary parts and spare parts for those who need them.
  4. Use the advice of the Garage curator on the repair and maintenance of your bike, depending on the knowledge and skills of the curator on duty that day.

Please note that it is not the responsibility of the Garage 38 curator to repair your bike. They will advise you, show you how to do it right, maybe help you at the first stage, but you are not obliged to do everything for you. In order to use the services of a professional technician who will repair your bike himself, you need to contact any of the network of specialized bike shops in your city.

We conduct master classes on bicycle repair and maintenance, organize discussions and screenings of bicycle films.

Another goal of the Garage 38 project is to create conditions for creative self-expression, whether it is designing new bicycles or the art of design.



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Additional information can be obtained by emailing us:

Wish-list, a list of what is needed for the garage at the moment

Schedules are subject to change without notice. Check this page regularly to keep up to date.

Public bicycle workshop "Garage 38". CC BY-SA 4.0

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2019, September 25th

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