Financial support

Voluntary donations

Why is your help important?

We want Minsk to become a city convenient for cyclists, and Belarus to become a place where cycling tourism is accessible and attractive to everyone.

We rely on volunteers and cycling enthusiasts in our activities. We will not be able to operate effectively without your help.

The collected funds will go to:

Payment Methods

1. Оплата банковской картой через Интернет

Для того, чтобы пожертвовать с использованием банковской карты, перейдите на нашу платформу сбора пожертвований.

2. Через ЕРИП

Look for us in the list of services along the following path:

Charity, public associations
   > Sports associations
      > Minsk Cycling Society
         > Charitable contribution 

For a charitable donation, indicate the number of the project you want to support:
1 - donations for the activities of the organization
38 - Bicycle kitchen "Garage 38" 
10 - Cycling school

3. Direct bank transfer

Contact us by mail you want to use this option.

4. Become a member of the organization

Members of the MBO support the activities of the organization with constant membership fees. You can become a member of the organization here.

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