Eurovelo 2

EuroVelo-2 is one of 14 routes created by European Cycling Federation (ECF) throughout Europe. The main goal of the project is to develop a network of convenient, scenic and educational cycling routes. The network is slated to be fully operational by 2020.

The total length of the route is 5.5 thousand kilometers. Of these, about 600 pass through Belarus. Now the location of the section on the territory of the Brest and Grodno regions - from Kamenets to Lyubcha, has been fully determined, and earlier the section from Lyubcha to Minsk was developed.

The route itself EuroVelo-2 received the second name "Route of Capitals", as it passes through 6 capitals of European states. It starts in the Irish city of Galway, then goes through the territory of Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belarus and ends in Moscow.

The advantage of moving along a ready-made cycle route is its convenience:

  •  The safest and most comfortable roads have been chosen for cyclists. Not necessarily bike paths, it can also be forest roads, and public roads with low traffic and, if possible, with a wide shoulder.
  • Following the route, it will be simply impossible to get lost. Signs and signposts will be installed at every turn to guide cyclists in the desired direction. The signs feature pictograms so that they will be understandable to travelers speaking any language.
  • The cycling route is laid through the most interesting historical and natural places, so the trip will definitely become memorable.
  • On the site you can already see the route map with the sights and service objects marked on it. You can also download the track to your phone.
  • The EuroVelo-2 route is designed so that a cyclist can overcome it without sports training. So there will be no too difficult sections on the road.
  • You can share your travel experiences with other travelers. An opinion about the route can be left on the website, and reviews of other cyclists can be found in social networks using the hashtags #eurovelo2 and #eurovelo2by.

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2019, September 25th

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