30 days cycling guide 2021


🚴‍️ What is this promotion?
“30 Days on a Bike” is a traditional annual action that in 2021 will take place around the world from April 1 to April 30. The action was organized for the first time 11 years ago in the USA, and for the last 6 years Belarus has been among the world leaders in terms of the number of participants. The action "30 days on a bike" is timed to coincide with the start of the mass cycling season. The action has several goals:
  • show that a bicycle is not only a convenient option for an interesting vacation, but also a comfortable transport for the city; 
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • improve the environmental situation in Minsk and Belarus.
30 дней
🚴‍️ How to participate?

Even children from any localities of Belarus can take part in the action “30 days on a bike”. The main thing is to use a bicycle, roller skates, scooter, unicycle, balance bike and any other means of individual mobility. The essence of participation in the action is to use your mobility device as often as possible: for any purpose at any distance and at any time. 

All participants of the promotion with cards (how to get them is written below) can count on discounts from:

  1. bike hunter - discounts 10% for spare parts and accessories.
  2. Veldone.pro - discount 10% for standard and full technical service.
  3. Music school bit - discount 10% on classes and subscriptions.

And to make the action even more interesting, the Minsk Cycling Society organizes several competitions in which anyone can take part and compete for prizes.

🚴‍ What are the contests?

To participate in contests, you must:

  • post photos, videos or other content on social networks (VKontakte, facebook or instagram);
  • be on the territory of Belarus or have the opportunity to get a prize here;
  • use hashtag #30dobby and corresponding hashtags for nominations;
  • and fulfill the following conditions:

1) #30DOBSmart - creativity competition
Evaluated: creativity of posts about participation in the action. Description, photos, videos, costumes or music - the flight of imagination is not limited!
How the winners will be determined: according to the organizers, 3 people with the most interesting posts published from April 1 to April 30 will be selected.

2) #30DOBDistance
1) every day indicate the distance that you have traveled and lay out the track.
2) in the post for April 30, also indicate the total distance for the entire month.
How the winners will be determined: according to the largest total distance per month separately among men, women and children under 14 years old.

3) #30DOBQuest
This year there will be a week to complete the assignments. There will be 4 tasks in total, and everyone will be able to take part at any convenient time during the week. There will be a new prize draw every week.
A detailed description of the tasks for the week, conditions of participation and evaluation criteria will be published in the social networks of the MBO and the action "30 days on a bike".
The first mission starts on April 2.

😷 What about security and the coronavirus?

We care about the safety of cyclists and try to arrange safe and interesting activities in which you can take part without worrying about your health. We want to coordinate the conduct of mass rides so that law enforcement agencies have no questions. And if successful, with the agreement, we will make sure that all cyclists use masks and keep their distance during the event.

🚴‍️ Is registration required?

Participation in the "30 days on a bike" promotion is free and does not require registration. But it is important to show that there are more and more cyclists, so we suggest you celebrate your participation with us on website

Also, participants of the action can mark themselves with the help of cards in the knitting needles. You can print them yourself or pick them up at distribution points (check the opening hours and availability of cards in advance!):

Source cards in pdf format can be downloaded from the links below.

🎁 Who helps?

 Several partners help to organize the “30 days on a bike” campaign:
👉 1) bike shop on-bike.by
👉 2) bike shop proffibike 
👉 3) bike shop sprint
👉 4) bike shop bikehunter.by
👉 5) off-site bicycle workshop veldone.pro 
👉 6) school of music bit 
👉 7) public organization "Ahova ptushak batskaushchyny" 
👉 8) cycling circle "Cranks"
👉 9) Adventure Racing Federation - organizers of the cycling marathon "Naliboki"

🚴‍️ Is that all?

Additionally (but not required), you can use any other hashtags that you like. For example:
#30dob #30dobminsk #30daysofbiking #30daysofbikingBY #30daysofbikingMinsk
#30zennarovars #30days on a bicycle #30 days on a bicycleMinsk

🎉 Have a nice bike April!

2021 March 25th

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