Today we are 10! We saw what people write about this in social networks


On March 16, 2011, the Minsk Cycling Society from a couple of enthusiasts turned into a real official public organization. How many chains have been erased, tires punctured and curbs lowered since that time, one bicycle god knows.

But we also know something. We saw how our friends, partners and sympathizers congratulate us on social networks.

Thank you for your congratulations! Happy holiday to us and you.

Alexandra Khotko

Member of the Board of the organization, Chairman of the IOO "Solyanka"
I met the organization in 2017 at the “Viva Rovar!” Cycling carnival. I just volunteered for the sake of fun and did not even suspect what it could turn into in six months.
3 months after the bicycle carnival, we registered our cycling organization ROVARBOX (then still Solyanka). The guys from the Moscow Military District supported us in every possible way and they quickly became our "elder brothers".
For 3 years of acquaintance, I managed to volunteer for dozens of cycling events, visit bike forums, travel to Ukraine and many cities in Belarus, where I had never been before, become a bike tourist, get to know myself from new perspectives and gain experience that will definitely come in handy in my life. And the most important thing is that I have made sooooo many wonderful friends with whom I am always glad to meet and just chat.
And, of course, no matter how my life turns out, the bike will forever remain in it.

MBO, thank you. I love you * heart *

Olga Kontsevaya

Member of the organization since 2018
The bike has always attracted my attention. When my daughter was born, this transport became an alternative to the car. And next to me in the bicycle seat was my child-movement partner. It was then in 2017 that I became interested in bicycles, met bicycle lovers and learned about MBO. 

I want to express my gratitude to the guys for their active position, for the opportunities provided to a wide range of people, regardless of age, to fall in love with a bicycle.

Even if you do not know how to manage it, you will be taught. Every spring, thanks to the MBO, a school for teaching cycling starts, with each new season, with small but confident efforts, we, cyclists, see more and more bike paths and low sidewalks. Thank you very much to everyone involved in the MBO, from “young to old”, you are giving Minsk and the whole of Belarus a “bicycle life”.

10 years is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. And let all of us on the bike be held not by racing records, but by the feeling of happiness!         

Tatiana Zharnosek

PR woman of the organization, 6 years old with MBO
- Guys, you need 10 people to accompany the convoy of the local bicycle parade on Saturday at 10 am in Zaslavl. We will meet at 8.30 at the station. Are there volunteers?
- I +
- I +
- I +
- I +
- I +
- I +
- I +
- I +
- I +
- I +
- Damn ... I'm late ... Can I have the 11th? ..
This is all the MBO for me.

These are people who, from the chairman of the board and director to volunteers, are ready to make the world a better place every day. This is Lesha, a fearless bicycle photographer. Instagram craftswoman Yanka. These are escort volunteers who are more reliable than any security service. It's a corporate weekend bike trip to Orange Hazard to finally take a break from those bikes. This is Nastya, who swears not to do the action this time, but she does it anyway. These are Zhenya and Pasha, who come to the meeting with the minister in bicycle sandals and shorts and scold him for the lack of proper bicycle parking at the state. building. This is Maxim, who is ready to break off at 12 o'clock in order to have time to drive 500 km of the challenge in a working week in winter.

MBOs are incredible, unpredictable people who you want to hug and see on a regular basis. With such, nothing is scary anywhere.

Happy Holidays, dear MVO. Happy holiday to all those involved and sympathetic.

Dmitry Trusov

Representative of the public movement "VeloGomel", 9 years old with the Moscow Military District
I would like to immediately congratulate the Moscow Military District on its 10th anniversary. And as it is customary for a birthday to wish more good, both the organization and its participants. Inner harmony, cool projects, and creative solutions. Of course, achieve your goals, more recruits and volunteers in the near future! From myself, I can say that the first acquaintance was at the All-Belarusian Forum of Cycling Activists, organized by the VeloGrodno Public Association in the distant 2012. A little later, we already crossed paths at other events, and with individual participants. 
And at bike rides, and at seminars in other cities, of course, at bike carnivals and bike forums. In recent years, the friendship has only grown stronger. It is gratifying to meet people who are close in spirit. It's nice to help each other. It is no secret that MVO is already an authoritative organization in our country. And when any questions arise, you already know where and who to turn to, or ask for advice.  

I want to thank the MBO and all its members, especially with whom I personally know, for your work, for your friendship, for your work. Especially when you understand by what efforts certain merits are achieved, then this is appreciated even more. And once again I would like to wish you unquenchable enthusiasm, and send you a charge of confidence and impetuosity to all of you!

Uryayaya! Happy birthday MBO!

Vlad Olekhnovich

5 years with MBO
I am glad that I volunteered at the time when MBO started doing big projects. I met a lot of people and saw how you can work for the sake of interest and benefit to others. It was cool to watch this Pegasus take off and put a hand in it, so we can only wish to maintain the gained altitude! 

Nastya Klasskovskaya

Member of the organization, 2 years with MBO
Open-minded people who are doing incredible things to improve cycling infrastructure. They use foreign experience, taking into account our realities, popularize cycling by conducting a variety of actions. Plus, they conduct many activities (30 days of biking, for example), cooperate with shops (through them we rent a bicycle trailer for free). A very humane and sincere approach to his work.

Dmitry Sologub

Volunteer, 6 years old with MBO
Congratulations to MBO on its first decade. An organization that, like a dealer, hooks on a bike, but doesn't need your money. Wonderful people who strive to make it convenient for all cyclists to move around the cities and roads of Belarus, conduct various entertainment and educational events. A cycling family for many Catalans. The most wonderful volunteers and volunteers. Let the dark times pass sooner and MBO straighten its shoulders, there will be new achievements and events.

Diana Nadvikova

Volunteer and member of the organization, 7 years with MBO
MBO for me is, first of all, a community, a community of active and caring people who love bicycles and the environment, and want the city to become convenient for environmentally friendly transport and European-style cozy. I am very grateful to the Moscow Military District for meeting with many cool interesting people, funny and educational events (bike parades, Garage 38 birthdays, PraRovar forum, annual meetings, etc.), bike tours (a trip to Volozhin hotels, an unforgettable bike ride with the UN - Mind Over Matter).
It is sad that now are not the best times for the organization, but we really want and believe that it will return and even exceed the level of its former activity and success. We wish new enthusiasts and experts in the ranks of the organization, large foreign and domestic grants, recognition of the rights of cyclists and the priority of cycling infrastructure at the national level!

Alexandra Mokhanova

Cycling circle "Cranks"
MBO is about cycling. And cycling is a part of our life.
The community of the cycling circle "Shatuny" is extremely pleased with cooperation and mutual assistance. Together we can do more and better. And we really hope that there will be many great events and good people ahead of us.

Dmitry Davshko

Volunteer, 3 years with MBO
Once I came to the Viva Rovar bicycle carnival, found out that the organization of volunteers and help in holding the event was carried out by the MVO, and I wanted to participate at least as a volunteer. And not only at the bicycle carnival. I got a lot of good emotions and I want to say thank you to the MBO for their efforts and carrying out various events. Happy anniversary!

Tatiana Liver

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Infocommunications BSUIR, Volunteer CoordinatoreRussian group Sporters, 4th year with MBO
MBO is a real friendly company of cyclists from the capital and other cities of Belarus.
I came to MBO in order to share my love for cycling with other people, to fill my life with various activities aimed at environmental friendliness. Thanks to the Moscow Military District, I was lucky to find out what cool regional cities for cycling in Belarus are - Brest, Gomel, Mogilev, Grodno and Vileika, to meet bicycle activists from Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Germany, Poland. I remember with warmth and trepidation the former office of the Moscow Military District at 14 Smolyachkova. 
MBO, thank you very much for what you are doing!

Anatoly Murashko

Member of the organization, 2.5 years with an MBO
I came to the organization in order to earn money with its help and fulfill desires. However, it somehow happened that after just two years I am trying to earn money for the organization and make the dreams of other cyclists come true. 

Conclusion: MVO urgently needs a doctor, I feel that I'm not the only one who got sick here))

Alina Skrebunova

Organizer at Tuteyshy Rovar (Mogilev), 5 years with MVO
MBO is an example of an ideal organization for me. I love and admire all the guys from the MBO. Thanks to you, your energy, positiveness and constructiveness, thousands of activists have appeared in Belarus. For me personally, the experience that I myself received in the MBO is very valuable. This has greatly influenced the development of my initiative. I would like to believe that Belarus of the future awaits us, in which there will be the same cool organizations like the Moscow Military District in every city!

Polina Androshuk

2 years with MBO
We met in 2019, it seems ... I wanted a card for 30DOB for free. It was easier for me to join the ranks and pay the fee without getting up from the computer than ordering laminated printing in some salon. Received the card. I took part in the starting race of the action. And since then I know that MVO is about convenience. A city convenient for cycling is a cozy city. During this time, I felt on my own wheels how much Minsk has changed in terms of cycling. And this is only the last years, although the society has already been 10 years old!

Happy birthday, MBO!


MVO for me is wonderful, sincere people, warm memories (you can talk endlessly), a unique and interesting volunteer experience (Dobry Rovar, bike parades), the opportunity to feel needed and make the world a little better. Well, the experience, knowledge and efforts of the guys who pull the entire administrative part, work on creating infrastructure and fight for changes for the better in standards and rules are invaluable for the city.


Valancer "Garage 38", 5 gados s MRI
At the MRI I have a trap so yes, I don’t remember. Let us know with MRI hutchey on "Garages 38 ", where am I going to the top of my head, I’m going to let my bike go. Sweat and the dapamag itself there is a cool bike, a neat base vedaў, which gave an offensive spurt for the sound of the roar. Without an MRI, I’d like it, I don’t know so many goodies.

Hope Bunta

Member of the organization, 5 years with MBO
Today marks the 10th anniversary of a very significant public organization for Belarus - the Minsk Cycling Society. During this time, they have raised the urban infrastructure to a new level. The number of bicycles in Belarus is constantly growing (even I have a Pegasus!). And the MVO became the big brother for the new public organizations. For three years I have been working with them, and I am very glad that I was part of such a wonderful team. It doesn't matter what happens next with MBO - they have done so much that they can safely retire.
Happy birthday, dear MBOs!  


Olga Savitskaya

Voloter and member of the organization, 6 years with MBO
In MBO I met wonderful, kind and helpful people. I found many friends who will support me in difficult times and help. I discovered a lot of good and useful, positive things. Then I discovered new opportunities, found a second "I".

Svetlana Korol

Member of the organization, with an MBO for 5 years
Thanks to the MBO, I learned that a bicycle is not a fitness trainer, but a real full-fledged year-round transport. 

Thanks to the MBO, I, an ordinary pensioner from Gomel, was able to believe in myself and became a speaker at the international cycling congress in Moscow (and then also in St. Petersburg, Brest and Ivano-Frankovsk). 
The example of the MVO inspired the creation of a cycling organization in Gomel - and this is the public association "VeloGomel". 

With the support of the Moscow Military District, VeloGomel is "armed" with a wonderful tool: its own bicycle Concept. 
MBO stands for authority, expertise and belief in the dream of a comfortable, fair, cycling Belarus. 

 Happy birthday dear! Appreciate, respect. I love Belarus, rovar and freedom!

Alexey Karpelenya

Member of the MBO since 2018, and has been friends for a long time
In my opinion, MBO has done more for the development of cycling, the development of appropriate infrastructure in the capital than everyone else could have imagined, and I am extremely pleased to be part of the most wonderful and friendly team of young, smart, talented people!

Victoria Tereshonok

Bicycle friend, member of the organization
Today the Minsk Cycling Society is 10 years old.
The organization with which I got involved in the toughest (both physically and mentally and alcoholically) hikes and trips.
An organization that has done a lot of work to develop the infrastructure of Minsk and other regions.
An organization that was able to gather around itself a record number of volunteers and people who are ready to do a lot of things, often, well and for free.
The organization for whose photo contests I created all kinds of game.)
The organization that introduced me to so many good boys.)
An organization in which, unlike others, never bellowed after my phrase "My bike is called Volodya."
The organization to which I even pay membership fees, although I do not have a bank card in Belarus (my mother pays). And though I do not like the word "membership".
In my life, now temporarily not two-wheeled, but four-wheeled transport in the form of a baby carriage, but soon I will fix it.
In the life of the MBO, as in the life of all NGOs in Belarus, now is a difficult period, but I am sure that this is temporary and that soon the MBO will flourish with renewed vigor, grow with thousands of new friends and assistants and make the whole of Belarus cycling!

Happy birthday: strength, patience, cool projects and hurray!

Daria Chumakova

Deputy Director of the Center for Environmental Solutions, 7 years with MBO
My dear MBO team! Happy Birthday!

Any organization is made by people. And you are wonderful, purposeful, in love with a bicycle, regardless of the circumstances, in an amicable way stubborn, progressive and talented.

And no matter how reality changes, and even in bitter moments, when it may seem that all the work was in vain, do not doubt that you are at the origins of an entire cycling culture and there are people around who are ready to appreciate it. I hug everyone tight!

Alexander Deshchenko

member of the board, with MBO for as many years as they have not lived
Well, you are very smart.

2021 March 16th

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