Continuation of the research "Bicycle and children". Are you bike parents? Take a short survey



In 2018, the Minsk Cycling Society began researching the topic “Bicycles and Children”. 239 bicycle parents participated in an anonymous survey and talked about cycling during pregnancy and about cycling with children. This year we decided to conduct a similar survey again to compare the data.

What special needs do cyclists and cyclists who ride with children have? Is the Belarusian infrastructure convenient for them? Do moms and dads feel that their child cyclists are safe? Do pregnant Belarusians ride bicycles?

To help with the research, we ask families with children and pregnant cyclists to respond to short anonymous survey.

We will accept replies until June 30th. We will present the results in July.

If you have a photo of your family that you are ready to share (for publication on the MBO social networks and presentation of the study), then please send them to us by mail

* The questionnaire was prepared on the basis of a similar study in Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine) conducted by bicycle activist Anna Atamanchuk.

Presentation of the research results in 2018 - by link.

2021 June 10th

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