Billboards about cycling "There is Time" to appear in Minsk


The Minsk Cycling Society has developed a series of posters on how to find time for sports, recreation, personal life and communication with loved ones. A series of billboards “There is Time” will appear in Minsk this spring, but for now we will introduce you to the heroes of social posters.

“People often complain that they live in a“ work-home ”rhythm and have no time for anything,” the director of the Minsk Cycling Society tells about the idea of the campaign Anastasia Yanchevskaya... - We want to show that with the help of a bicycle you can find time for other important things in our life.

For social advertising, it was not models that were shot, but ordinary townspeople who use a bicycle every day and it helps them find time.

In addition, the authors of social posters included in the campaign data from a sociological survey on the number of bicycles and cyclists in Minsk, as well as the cycling habits of city dwellers.

On the streets of Minsk, posters, billboards and lightboards with social advertising will appear in spring. There is also such a social advertisement in Mogilev and Gomel.

Every person needs daily physical activity just to be healthy. A study conducted among 1,500 men and women 37-55 years old showed that for people who are physically active for an average of 28 minutes a day on 31%, they are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases (data published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise). But where to find those 30 minutes a day? Answer: there is time for sports if you have a bike, because a half-hour bike ride closes your daily activity rate and prolongs your life.

Tatiana Liver

During the day, Tatyana is addressed only as “Tatyana Mikhailovna”, since she is a senior lecturer at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. Despite her high position, Tatiana rides a bicycle to work all year round and is engaged in the development of cycling among students.

A person who commutes to work by bicycle is an irreplaceable employee. He is always in a good mood, he does not “get hot” for an hour in the morning to become able to work, he is reliable, as he rarely takes sick leave. Research from the World Health Organization shows that any physical activity in itself contributes to a good mood, and a bicycle also adds positive emotions. A bicycle is an opportunity to re-discover your city every day, freely contact people on the street and manage your life.

Time on the road to work by bike is time for sports.

Evgeny Loiko

Evgeny Loiko is an urban planner of the Belarusian Association of Transport Experts and Surveyors. Eugene rides a bike all year round not only to work, but also to meetings with friends and family. 

On average, Belarusian families spend less than one minute a day with their families. At least such data provided by the Department of Population, Gender and Family Policy of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection a few years ago. The situation is different in every family, but you must agree that the modern intensive rhythm of life limits us in time. But! It is easier to find time for the family if you use a bicycle to move around.

Family Kopichenko

Julia and Ilya Kopichenko never complain that their child is constantly on the phone. In this family, everyone prefers active recreation and most often this vacation is associated with a bicycle. By the way, the Kopichenko family organized the Velosemya project in their hometown of Gomel, thanks to which the cycling families unite and actively spend time together. 

77% people from Minsk use bicycle to lead a healthy lifestyle. Cycling helps combat stress, improves coordination, strengthens muscles, and improves breathing rhythm. If you have a bike, then you have time for health.

Svetlana Korol and Sergey Lysenko

Svetlana learned to ride a bike at the age of 55 and after that she started a new life. The woman managed to lose weight by 40 kg, strengthen her health, and engage in social activities. Today Svetlana Korol is one of the leaders of cycling in Gomel and all year round travels on business only by bicycle.

Sergei Lysenko is a real velomorzh. He rides a bicycle to the river and swims there all year round. Sergei himself was born in Lvov (Ukraine), so the first bicycle for him was the bicycle of the famous KhVZ brand (Kharkov Bicycle Factory). Sergei has spent most of his life as a geophysicist in the oil industry, and is currently a freelance photographer. Now Sergei is 58. He lives in Gomel and has three bicycles in his bicycle garage, which he rides on business and on bike rides around the city and off-road. 

To strengthen relationships with loved ones, psychologists advise trying to experience something new together more often. And every bike ride is a new experience. Go to work or bike shopping together and the routine turns into a fun time together that will strengthen your relationship. There is a bike - there is time for communication. 

- When this poster was approved by the commission of the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade (MART), we had to change the slogan “There is time for communication”, as they suggested that by calling for safe riding we cannot stimulate communication while cycling, - Anastasia Yanchevskaya, director of the Moscow Military District, tells a funny fact about the creation of the company. - But, as an expert in cycling, I can say that communication while riding a bicycle is much safer than communication when driving a car. 

As Anastasia substantiated, the speed of a bicycle is on average 15-20 km per hour, so the human brain has time to process information coming from the outside world and react in time. At the same time, at a speed of 50 km / h, the brain does not have time to process information and is able to act only on previously developed reflexes.  

“We changed the slogan to“ There is time for loved ones, ”which does not change our idea, but does not create controversial interpretations,” the director of the Moscow Military District told about the final version after approval.

On the poster is Anastasia Yanchevskaya, a specialist in the development of bicycle infrastructure, director of the Minsk Cycling Society and Evgeny Loiko, a specialist in transport planning and urban navigation at the Belarusian Association of Transport Experts and Surveyors. 

They responsibly recommend holding meetings and communicating with colleagues also on a bicycle.

Despite the fact that the bicycle infrastructure in Minsk is still far from perfect, there are already places in the city for a pleasant joint cycling holiday.

So the team of the Minsk Cycling Society recommends taking a ride along the route "Green bicycle ring of Minsk" (along the Slepyanskaya water system), go to the Minsk Sea or take a bike path along the Svisloch. 

You've probably come across research findings that loneliness is bad for your health. However, during the working week we sometimes get so tired at work that we do not have enough energy and time to meet with friends. But you have time for friends if you have a bike.

Tatiana Belko - one of the first girls-bike couriers in Minsk. A squirrel, and this is what Tatyana is called in the cycling community, can travel up to 100 km in a day on business, and then go on a bike ride with friends. 

Anastasia Shevtsova one of the brightest bike lovers in Minsk. On cycling holidays, you are unlikely to recognize her, since the girl always chooses original costumes and transforms into a superheroine, then into a fish, or into an excellent velomiss.


The social advertisement “There is Time” was developed jointly with the UGAI GUVD of the Minsk City Executive Committee within the framework of the project “Urban Cycling in Belarus” with the financial support of the European Union. 

Text: Tatiana Zharnosek
Photographer: Alexey Basalay
Concept and design: Yulia Symanovich

2020 year, January 8th

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