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A bicycle traveler from Uzbekistan Khursand Sherov has arrived in Belarus. Now the opera singer is already in the fifth bike ride dedicated to the legendary Azerbaijani performer Muslim Magomayev.

Bicycle traveler from Uzbekistan arrives in Belarus Khursand Sherov... The first two facts that a cyclist always communicates when meeting, is that his name translates as "joy" and that he is not a professional athlete.

Indeed, all his life he was engaged in giving people joy - he performed on the opera stage. But during one of the concerts, at the age of 45, he suddenly felt bad. Doctors threw up their hands and in one voice repeated that it was a heart. But after many studies, it turned out that the case is in osteochondrosis - a childhood trauma made itself felt. Then one of the professors advised the musician to ride a bicycle instead of pills. And it worked! True, not during leisurely walks in the park near the house, but during a five-month journey from the border of Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan.

Khursand has been actively cycling for almost 20 years. But over time, it seemed to the singer just pleasure from the process, he needed a goal. And the musician chose her: a bike ride along the Silk Road dedicated to the legendary Azerbaijani performer Muslim Magomayev.

The first race was 3.5 thousand kilometers and lasted 22 days. Now Khursand is already in the fifth bike ride in honor of the famous singer. Every year is a big trip. This time the bike traveler went to the west: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

The opera singer began his acquaintance with Belarus from Gomel, where he was impressed by the hospitality of the members of the VeloGomel organization. There he even gave a small concert. Along with the hospitality, Khursand was very impressed by the cleanliness and order in Belarus.

Then the traveler went to Minsk, where he met with the team of the Minsk Cycling Society. By the way, the Minsk bike paths and cycling infrastructure in the city, on which the experts of the Moscow Military District are working in the framework of the project “Urban Cycling in Belarus”, supported by the European Union, seemed very comfortable to an experienced cyclist. In general, Khursand called the level of development of cycling in Belarus and Uzbekistan very similar.

One of the important points of the route in Belarus was a visit to the Khatyn memorial complex. The cyclist also plans to attend the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the city of Brest on September 6-8. After Khursand will go towards Bryansk to continue his personal Great Silk Road.

Text and photo: Daria Kosko

2019, September 3rd

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