Full program and all the details of the action "30 days on a bike in Minsk"

From April 1, Belarus joins the international action "30 days of biking". It is a worldwide challenge of promising at least a little bike ride every April day. Minsk residents these days are offered to take part in mass cycling, quests and contests.

Last year Belarus ranked second in terms of the number of participants in the action. The campaign itself originated in America, but Belarusians liked it so much that even Americans are surprised why our country has been one of the leading countries in this event for several years.

All registered participants and participants of the “30 days on a bike” campaign receive special flyers that are inserted into the spokes of a bicycle, and thus can recognize each other on the streets of the city. Membership cards are the same all over the world.

How to be in the community:
Telegram group
Quests in Minsk
Group in VK
All cycling events in Minsk in MBO groups in VK, Fb, Instagram.

What do you need to participate?

- promise yourself to ride a bike (or run) every day for at least a kilometer from April 1 to April 30, 2019, no matter what;

- register on the promo website;

- confirm your intention to participate this year here;

- place in the knitting needles the traditional card of the participant / participant;

- from April 1 to April 30, keep this promise and ride in any weather at least 1 km a day;

- post photos of your adventures on social networks with hashtags #30daysofbiking #30daysofbikingby #30MVQ (for those who participate in the quest to find points hidden in Minsk).

Events program:

April 1 Cycling-opening of the action. The bike ride starts at 19.30 (Smolyachkova str. 14-a);
April 1 - April 30. Urban quests from the MVO team in Minsk;
April 1 - April 30. Competition by the largest number of kilometers in the Strava app for April from bicycle traveler Sergei Rebko. The first three places receive a cash prize;
April 30. The end of the action is a mass bike ride (details are closer to the end of April).

Excursions and tours from biketrip.by

April 6 11.00 bicycle tour "History of the Minsk narrow-gauge railway and the museum of boulders";
13 april bikebirdwatching tour;
April 14 11.00 out-of-town bike excursion to the museum of folk life;
20 April bikebirdwatching tour.

Excursions for the participants of the action are free, bike tours - with a discount of 50%.


As of March 26, 2019, 3207 people from all over the world have registered for the action. 783 of them are from Belarus. From Minsk - 436, Brest - 180, Gomel - 96, Grodno - 24, Mogilev - 9, Vitebsk - 5.

Last year, as of April 1, there were 1,500 official participants and participants of the action from Belarus. Our country took the second place in the world in terms of the number of participants.

The Minsk Cycling Society supports the action for the 5th time (since 2015).

The action "30 days on a bike" in Minsk is supervised by the organizations Minsk Cycling Society and the Center for Environmental Solutions within the framework of the "Business Bike" campaign. The "Business Bike" campaign is being held in Minsk within the framework of the projects "Urban Cycling in Belarus" and "Development of Cycling in the Regions of Belarus" with financial support from the European Union and the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility.

Photo: Maxim Puchinsky



2019, March 27th

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