Cold and rainy weather did not interfere with the action "Cycling to work"


On Friday, September 20, more than 430 Minsk cyclists received fruit as a gift. This was how the participants of the “Cycling to Work” campaign, which took place within the framework of the European Mobility Week, were encouraged. The action is traditional, held three times a year: in autumn, winter and spring. By the way, in February Minsk took the 12th place in the world in terms of the number of participants in the action "Cycling to work in winter". Then 173 Minsk residents took part in the action.

The aim of the campaign is to support those who drive the most environmentally friendly form of transport and draw attention to the excessive use of private cars. It is not for nothing that the theme of the European Mobility Week 2019, which takes place annually from 16 to 22 September, was formulated as “Safe walking and cycling”.

This time, the energy points were located in six places around the city and worked from 7 to 10.30 am:

- near the stele "Minsk - Hero City";

- near the main entrance to the Botanical Garden;

- opposite the house at Pushkin Ave., 85;

- at the "Minsk-Arena";

- at the Belarusian State Musical Theater (Myasnikova str. 44);
near the department store "Belarus".

The most popular was the point near the stele “Minsk - Hero City”, where 181 people received fruit, the second most popular point was the point at the main entrance to the botanical garden, where exactly 100 participants of the action visited. Other results:

- 50 people in front of the house at Pushkin Ave., 85;
- 10 people at the Minsk-Arena;
- 70 people at the Belarusian State Musical Theater;
- 21 people near the Belarus department store.

Twenty volunteers and team members of the Minsk Cycling Society participated in the distribution of fruits and information leaflets. Not even the most pleasant weather prevented the activists from working: low temperatures with rain and cold winds. A really warm and friendly atmosphere reigned at the points. Cyclists gladly accepted the fruit, took pictures with volunteers and talked about the action on social networks. Many took part in it not for the first time.  

The action "Cycling to Work" was organized by the Minsk Cycling Society and the Center for Environmental Solutions with the participation of the Minsk City Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. The event was supported by the European Union within the framework of the Urban Cycling in Belarus project.

Photo: Dina Devyatlovskaya

2019, September 23rd

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