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Urban cycling in Belarus

Online magazine about the most important changes in the development of cycling in Belarus and the implementation of the three-year project “Urban Cycling in Belarus”.


Green cycling ring

The Green Cycling Ring is a unique opportunity to go around Minsk on a bicycle through the city's parks. Do you want to see 14 unique cascades, a stunning panorama of Minsk, the most natural places in which it seems that you are far beyond the city of two million? The cycling route along the Slepyansk water system, a landscape and recreational zone along the Loshitsa and Myshka rivers, through the Drozdy, Zaslavskoye and ...

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Eurovelo 2

EuroVelo-2 is one of 14 routes created by the European Cycling Federation (ECF) across Europe. The main goal of the project is to develop a network of convenient, scenic and educational cycling routes. It is planned that the network will be fully ready by 2020. The total length of the route is 5.5 thousand kilometers. Of these, about 600 pass through Belarus. Now the location of the section on ...

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Cycling school

The project allows adult residents of Minsk to learn how to ride a bicycle. To become a student or a student of a cycling school, you only need a desire - you can come to classes even without your own bike. Participation in the school is absolutely free, you just need to register. Starting this year, we are admitting children over 10 years old to the cycling school. And we invite parents of toddlers to the classes: the instructors will tell them that ...

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Garage 38

Garage 38 Bicycle Kitchen is a free public workshop and a venue for cycling events. There are many such places around the world, and everywhere they become centers of the cycle life, gathering around them the most active and creative people. In "Garage 38", located in the city center, you can: Use the Garage site and the adjacent territory for repairs, adjustments and ...

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Rovar.info is a site that contains all the information on the creation and development of bicycle infrastructure in Belarus. Here you can study in detail the Concept for the development of cycling in the Republic of Belarus, as well as data on the situation in different cities. Experts of the Minsk Cycling Society have already analyzed the situation in more than 20 large settlements. In addition, the site has a large ...

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Business bike

Business bike From 1 to 31 August, the Minsk Cycling Society organizes the Business Bike competition. The goal is to find and reward companies where employees and managers prefer an environmentally friendly mode of transport. Prize-winners and winners of all nominations will receive their awards at the city festival "Car-Free Day" on September 22. Any organization registered in Minsk can take part in the competition. In nomination …

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Kind rovar

Byasplatny prakat "Dobry Rovar" Zaevaga: Getty praect not z'yaўlyaetsa proects of Minsk Rovarnaga of tavarism, ale otvarana and azhytsyaўlyaetsa nashimi aktyvіstamі and karystaetsa іnfarmatsytsya. In 2015, Minsku adkryezza has a free-of-charge system of prakatak rovarak "Dobry rovar". Dobry Rovar (bikecrossing) is a system of rovarnaga prakatu, running on a non-chamber asnova, like a dazvalyae arandavats rovar on a hell of a car park, a zeal girl ...

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Rovarny sloўnik

The Belarusian language is gradually spreading in our environment. To prevent its fans from switching to other languages during their cycling conversations, we are creating a Belarusian cycling dictionary. Some bicycles are already well known to everyone. Some, which do not yet exist, will be borrowed from foreign languages according to phonetic rules. And for some, unpopular, unknown Belarusian words may suit well. Job ...

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