Business bike

Business bike

The Minsk Cycling Society will organize a competition from 1 to 31 August "Business bike"... The goal is to find and reward companies where employees and managers prefer an environmentally friendly mode of transport. Prize-winners and winners of all nominations will receive their awards at the city holiday "Car-Free Day" September 22nd.

Any organization registered in Minsk can take part in the competition. Any Belarusian organization can take part in the VeloBoss nomination. The team of the Minsk Cycling Society has already started individual mailing of invitations to participate. If you want your company to join the "Business Bike", then fill out a short application form to the competition.


The largest cycling organization. Do many people in your company cycle to work? Activate everyone to share photos with a bike on social networks with the hashtag #minskbiketeam and your company name. More participants - closer the prize!

The most bike friendly organization. Is there a bike rack, changing room and shower at work? Post your company bike friendliness with the hashtag #minskbikefriendly and your company name. More "goodies" for cycling employees - more chances of winning.

Veloboss. Do executives bike to work? Post it with the hashtag #by_bikeboss. "Likes" and the jury will determine the best bike boss.

Stylish look. Cycling to work wearing urban (non-athletic) clothing? Post a photo with the hashtag #minskbikelook and the name of the company.

My best friend is a bicycle. Is the bicycle more than just a thing for you? Show it off with your creative photos with the hashtag #minskbikefriends and your company name.

Cycling in any weather. Are you choosing an environmentally friendly mode of transport, despite the rains and storms? Submit your motivating photos with a bike in “bad weather” with the hashtag #minskbikeweather and the name of the company.

Only photos published on social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram from August 1 to August 31, inclusively indicating the name of the company or organization.

I am the head of the company. How do I get involved?

1) Tell your employees about the competition: (for example, at a general meeting, through a corporate email, your social networks or website). We can provide you with a ready-made letter.

2) Display our adorable character posters, flyers and stickers in a prominent place in your office.

We can bring them directly to your office.

3) The title of "The largest cycling organization" is awarded to the company in which there are more individual photographs of its employees.

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2019, September 25th

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