You are invited to participate in the Paris - Nagasaki cycling marathon in 2020. The application must be submitted by December 15


A public organization organizes the bike ride of the world "A bicycle for peace and new energy sources". The marathon will run from May 8 to August 9. In Belarus, the participants of the race will be: June 15 - Brest, June 20 - Minsk, June 26 - Vitebsk. 

The route passes through the territory of France, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Japan. It is not necessary to drive all the way, you can become a participant in the marathon on dates suitable for you or on a specific site. Each participant pays for travel and accommodation expenses independently. But, if desired, the group can jointly search for sponsors.

The number of participants in the entire trip is limited to 80. There are 30 places for participants from Belarus and Russia (15 places for each). The decision to provide / not provide a place is made within three weeks after the end of registration.

Application for participation must be submitted before December 15th by mail (registration form in the application). Despite the fact that the questionnaire itself is also in Russian, you need to fill it out in English or German. If you have any additional questions, you can contact phone +375296518601, Galina.

- For peace and new sources of energy - under this motto we will travel from Paris to Moscow and further to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Each participant is obliged by his behavior to carry the idea of the bike ride and to live by this principle himself. We cross borders, meet people from different cultures and countries in the east and west. We ourselves are embarking on the path of learning in contact with international participants within the group of participants and with our partners from the host countries - this is how the organizers describe the idea of the cycling marathon.

2019, December 3rd

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