Romantics and patriots. Summing up the results of the competition for the most beautiful track

In order to make the #30days action on a bicycle more interesting, the team of the Minsk Cycling Society organized a competition for the most unusual track #pic30dob. We received more than 20 drawings and realized that Belarusian cyclists are incredible romantics and patriots.

About romantics

It was warm feelings that inspired many participants in the competition to ride beautifully in every sense of this expression. Hearts, flowers, names of loved ones ...

Igor Myagchev and Julia Svirid, for example, we drove until four in the morning to draw a heart the size of Minsk. Moreover, these are not the only participants in the competition who chose this figure for their track.

Alexander Dolgy wrote the name of his girlfriend with a tracker. Artyom Medvedev sent two romantic drawings at once - a beautiful rose and a woman's breast.

All drawings can be viewed here.

About patriots

Many participants of the competition tried to draw a map of Belarus with a tracker. However, it turned out best of all with Alexandra Sosno.

Elmira Hasanova on the day of the anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, posted an unfinished track with its own history:

“A year ago, I wrote about the very first Belarusian nuclear power plant - the Minsk nuclear thermal power plant, now TPP-5. Today - about the failed atomic city Druzhny. The village in which I live and which I love. In 1985, a village appeared on the map of the Pukhovichi district, the name of which was invented by the children - Druzhny. The amiable was supposed to resemble a butterfly in shape (although some say that human lungs). But the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant canceled plans for the development of the village. One "wing" was built, the second was not in time. But despite this, Druzhnoy continued to grow, albeit in an abbreviated version. In place of the second "wing", the satellite city of Rudensk may be built. And only time will tell whether the second "wing" of our butterfly will grow or not. "

Alexandra under the nickname A-Me-Fivaletovo drew a cute dragon. And here, too, there were some additional complications:

“This time I drew a Minsk dragon! As it should be, leaving the victim - my favorite peppers ... eh. In whatever jungle one had to call in to draw it, even the rain did not spoil anything! "

About the winners

More than 20 works took part in the competition. Let's not dissemble, the winner was chosen unanimously. Everyone really liked Belarus in the outlines of Minsk from Alexander Sosno. The winner will receive a commemorative statuette of the #30daysofbiking promotion.

It was more difficult to choose pictures for the two incentive prizes, however, having combined our subjective opinions, we decided to mark Elmira's story with a butterfly without a second wing and a cute dragon from Alexandra with symbolic prizes.

Congratulations to the winners and awardees of the competition!

Friends, thank you all for your participation. Looking at your tracks, we understand that our cyclists and cyclists are not only the most creative, but also the most tireless, persistent and generally the best.

Stock #30daysofbiking ended, which means that everyone officially joined the season and ride and ride simply because they love the bike and everything connected with it.

Enjoy your bike rides and bike rides!

All tracks of contestants and contestants (uncensored) can be viewed here.

The action "30 days on a bike" in Minsk was organized by the Minsk Cycling Society, the "VeloDisko" project and the Bananas sports group within the framework of the "Business Bike" campaign. The Business Bicycle Campaign is part of the Urban Cycling in Belarus project funded by the European Union.

2018, May 3rd

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