Congratulations to the winners and awardees of the #winterbiketowork photo competition

In support of the international winter campaign "Cycling to work in winter" The Minsk Cycling Society and the Center for Environmental Solutions held a winter photography competition.

In total, more than 50 people from all over Belarus took part in the competition, and there were even foreign participants on the Instagram social network: Lida Tvardovskaya from Vietnam and Svetlana Mytsenko from Belgium. Dear foreign cyclists, a special hello to you and thank you for the international support of the competition.

To reward more participants and participants of the action, the jury team decided to add several special nominations to the competition. Looking at the photo, you yourself will understand why such a decision was made.

Friends, thank you all for your participation and inspiration. And the list of winners is below.

Social network Vkontakte

In nomination "Popular is great" (for the largest number of likes) prizes are received by CDEK companies Anastasia Demidchik (1st place, thermos), Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Alexander Sosno (2nd place, thermo mug), Tiffani Nikita Baev (3rd place, thermo mug), Zamok shopping center Sergey Hitman (4th place, eco-circle).

Anastasia Demidchik

Alexander Sosno

Nikita Baev

Sergey Hitman

In nomination "Winter bike office" Rechitsa hardware plant Valentin Rostashansky (4 bike bottles).

Valentin Rostashansky

In nomination "Creative February" marked by BNTU Ivan Tarletsky  (1st place, thermos), ААТ Ramprybor Sergey Tereshchenko (2nd place, thermo mug), Juliart Shop "Products"  Ivan Schastny (3rd place, thermo mug).

Ivan Tarletsky

Sergey Tereshchenko

Ivan Schastny

Special prizes: "The most friendly winter bike family"   TEBO Elena Pauniga (thermos), "Winter fireflies" Yu-stroy Ilya Naumchik (eco-circles), "Cycling University"  BSUIR Tatiana Liver (thermo mug).

Elena Pauniga

Ilya Naumchik

Tatiana Liver

Special prizes in the nomination "Winter bike children" receive secondary school No. 5 Elena Loban (bicycle bottle), Arkady RCOP in Athletics (bicycle bottle), Gennady Kraevsky MVO (bicycle bottle), Neiram Samangan Osipovichi swimming pool (bicycle bottle).

Elena Loban


Gennady Kraevsky

Neiram Samangan

Social network Facebook

In nomination "Popular is great" (for the highest number of likes) prizes are awarded to Zovik companies  Evgeny Ivashkevich (1 place, thermos), Andrey Doslugin (2nd place, thermo mug), Nielsen Valentin Sokolovsky (3rd place, thermo mug), MVO Alexey Basalay (4th place, eco-circle), Natalia Ivanova (5th place, eco-circle).

Evgeny Ivashkevich

Andrey Doslugin

Valentin Sokolovsky

Alexey Basalay

Natalia Ivanova

Social network Instagram 

In nomination "Popular is great" (for the highest number of likes) prizes are awarded to Alice Star companies Alexey Chernigin (1st place, thermos), BPS-Sberbank Irinka Borchuk (2nd place, thermo mug), VeloGrodno Olga Lisets (3rd place, thermo mug), ODO Apothecary Oleg Nazarov (4th place, eco-circle), Brobarkery Alexander Kovalevich (5th place, eco-circle).

Alexey Chernigin

Olga Lisets

Oleg Nazarov

Alexander Kovalevich

In nomination "Creative February" Elisabeth Convent wins Fedor Mitichkin (thermo mug).

Special prize "Cycle gymnazist" gets Matej Lazarus  Gymnasium No. 23 (bicycle bottle).

And this is a photo of our foreign participants who passed out of competition:

Lida Tvardovskaya

Svetlana Mytsenko

Congratulations to all winners and awardees. Enjoy the bike ride any time of the year.

The competition was held as part of the Business Bicycle campaign of the Urban Cycling in Belarus project with financial support from the European Union.

2019, February 19th

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