We are looking for new people in our team who want to change the city



Do you think that you know what you need to do to develop cycling? Do you want to influence strategic decisions on the cycling of Minsk? Do you believe that a lot can be changed in our city?

Then be nominated as a member of the board of the Minsk Cycling Society.

What is needed for this?

  1.     Be a member of the MBO (seniority is not important);
  2.     Pay the membership fee for 2020;
  3.     Fill application until May 20.

What does the board do?

  1. Determines the position of the MBO on controversial issues related to cycling.
  2. Determines the strategic directions of the MBO's work

The work on the board is volunteer. The board meets approximately once a month to discuss the current work of the organization. Board members are elected by the organization's members at their annual general meeting, which will be held online this year on May 28th.

The member of the board is elected for 2 years. There are 9 people on the board in total. This year we are looking for 4 new people for the MBO board. 5 candidates will be "old", so they will help to understand the work of the board.

Who is on the board of MBO now: bike.org.by/komanda

We are waiting for your applications until May 20.

Additional information about what it means to be a member of the board can be obtained at online meetings on Thursdays (video chat) or by writing to info@bike.org.by

2020, May 11th

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