Workshops at the Garage 38 bike workshop every Monday



The first lesson is June 17 at 19:00. Topic: “Basic bike care and tuning”. Participation is free, you just need to register and take your bike with you. Place of collection: courtyard at 44 Nezalezhnosti avenue, garage # 38.

Every Monday, the bike shop curators will conduct master classes on bike repair. New Monday is a new topic.

First lesson June 17... Topic: “Basic bike care and setup”

You will learn:

  • how to set up gears;
  •  clean the chain;
  •  wash the bike properly;
  •  patch up the wheel.

The master class will be given by the volunteer-master of Garage 38 Alexander Rytikov.

Be sure to take your bike with you, you will practice on it. In addition, you will need: clean rags, rag gloves, gasoline-solvent "Galosha" (sold in radio parts stores, gas stations and in "DragonBike"), an old toothbrush, patches, glue.

We will recruit a group of up to 10 people for each master-box so that everyone is comfortable. Participation is free, you only need register... If there are more applicants than places, priority will be given to the volunteers of the MVO and members of the organization.

A place conducting master classes: courtyard at 44 Nezalezhnosti avenue, garage # 38.

Time: every Monday at 19:00.

Bicycle kitchen "Garage 38" - free public bicycle workshop in the city center.
In the garage you can:

  • Consult with a curator about bike repairs. You will be shown what to do and then you can fix the bike yourself.
  • Use tools and consumables.
  • Take a part or accessory for your bike that other people in the garage have left behind.
  • Donate unnecessary parts and spare parts yourself. Wish-list, a list of what is needed for the garage at the moment
  • Attend a workshop on bicycle repair and maintenance.
  • Show your creativity, whether it is designing new bicycles or the art of design.

Please note that curators do not repair bicycles. They teach other cyclists so they can do their own repairs.

The schedule is subject to change. Make sure to check it before going to the garage.
Photo: Alexey Basalay


2019, June 13th

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