The exhibition "Transport 100 Years Ago" will take place on Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk.


Transport history, green projects, travel during a pandemic and advice on how to switch to sustainable transport. Starting from September 17, during the month, residents and guests of Minsk can visit the exhibition free of charge “Transport 100 years ago», Which will help you to travel around Minsk safely and profitably. The first 10 days the exhibition will be located on the Y. Kolas Square. Further - in the Central district of Minsk near the Sports Palace and in the Zavodskoy district near the Belarus department store.

The exposition consists of three blocks. In the first one, you can look at the origins of the birth of mobility in Minsk and find out what transport was like 100 years ago. The second block tells about "green" projects: existing eco-trails, the Green Cycle Ring cycle route, the idea of turning Nemiga Street into a pedestrian tourist zone. The third block is a photography exhibition that encourages the transition to sustainable modes of transport in times of physical distancing and provides advice for beginners.


- Residents and guests of the capital will be offered an individual journey, - says one of the authors of the exhibition, a specialist in urban mobility of the Belarusian Association of Experts and Surveyors in Transport, about the concept of the project. Evgeny Loiko... - On September 22, the Car-Free Day, an audio guide will appear that will take you on a journey into the history of the origins of cycling and public transport.

In order to use the audio guide, you need to install a free application on your phone and turn on GPS. After that, you can follow the route and listen to interesting content that will be played when you approach the points of the excursion. The audio guide will cover the city center from the metro station "Academy of Sciences" to the station. The instructions for installing the audio guide can be downloaded using the QR code located at one of the exhibition stands.

The exhibition is one of the events European Mobility Week, which takes place around the world from September 16 to 22. The theme of the EHM-2020 is the promotion of low-carbon modes of transport - "Mobility without harmful emissions". The motto of 2020 was the call “Choose what to ride on”.

The event was organized by the Minsk City Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

2020, September 16th

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