Where we go: cycling November


And cyclists throughout Belarus continue to ride, despite the temperature below zero and the snowfall. It's all about the right preparation and a sense of community! Agree, now it is especially pleasant to meet on the roads those who share our views on the most comfortable mode of transport. Therefore, a lot of news has accumulated - actively spinning further.

Selection of applications for infrastructure improvement

At the end of last year, there was a large-scale selection of applications and proposals to improve the cycling infrastructure and conditions for the development of cycling in the regions of Belarus. These activities are carried out within the framework of the project "Urban Cycling in Belarus", supported by the European Union. Depending on the proposals, bicycle parking lots, bicycle garages, stands for self-repair of bicycles (bicycle beacons), bicycle schools, tourist routes have begun to appear in different cities of Belarus, and social advertising will also be developed. A total of 24 applications were selected.

A cycling school will start working in Gomel this spring

Gomel officials will start cycling more often

With the support of the European Union, a bicycle garage was installed in Grodno

There is time for the family! Strong social advertising appeared on the streets of Mogilev


Coming Soon: Blooming VeloPoint

The pillar can move: how to remove obstacles on the sidewalk

14 bike garages to be built in Grodno microdistrict "Grandichi"

Plans until 2030: in Grodno adopted the Concept for the development of cycling

Topic for discussion

Guess what questions modern students ask the head of the city

Rating of Belarusian cities (cycling is also taken into account!)

A marathon of creative ideas has started in Brest

Traveling with a bike: what the bus companies say


Do you remember how to move around in the dark?

Noisy, but to the point: how to explain traffic rules to schoolchildren


What is Cycling Social Entrepreneurship?

The VELOsemya project was nominated for the open award of Gomel "DaVeR"

Results of the implementation of the initiative "In a team race to a common goal"

Cold season

Photo contest with a prize of 100 rubles. from MVO #velomorzh. Great prizes and participants from all over Belarus!

The worse the weather, the stronger the people: how Brest residents go on a bike ride

If you have something to share about cycling events in your city, send news by mail pr@bike.org.by... We spin together!

The expert work of the Minsk Cycling Society is supported by the European Union within the framework of the project "Urban Cycling in Belarus" implemented by the Center for Environmental Solutions and the public association "Minsk Cycling Society" with the co-financing of the GEF Small Grants Program "Development of Cycling in the Regions of Belarus" implemented by the public association "Minsk Cycling Society".

Photo: zavelobrest,velogrodno.by, vk.com/ooo_velogomel, vk.com/tutrovar, virtualbrest.by.

2019, December 8th

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