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May turned out to be a very eventful month. We have already written about many events before, so this time there is not much news. But we believe that summer for cyclists is the time for the most daring projects and plans. So we expect good news from you and continue to play together!


Large bicycle carnival drove along the main avenue of Mogilev.

Bike fest in Baranovichi decorated the City Day.

By the spring bike ride more than a thousand of Gomel residents have joined

A meeting with an eminent cyclist took place in Borisov.


In Gomel, they started developing Cycling development concept.

A marathon will be held near Lida in mid-June "Prinemansky".


Grodno developed educational materials on the topic "Cycling".


Bicycle carnival #velbelmay was held in Mogilev

The organizer of the holiday was the Tuteyshy Rovar bicycle initiative. But any city dweller could suggest his name for the carnival. As a result, we settled on the fashionable format of a capacious hashtag -  #velbelmay.

Distance of arrival - 10 kilometers, from Lenin Square to "Park City", where the entertainment area was located. In addition to just having fun, you could participate in the competition for the best costume in 5 nominations: the best individual, family, Belarusian, group and children's costume.

The initiative was supported by the Department of Sports and Tourism of the Mogilev City Executive Committee. The purpose of the holiday is to show that cycling is fun, convenient and useful. The race was attended by about 500 people.

VeloFest was held in Baranovichi within the framework of the Baranovichi Spring-2019

For the race, a holiday was chosen - City Day, which was celebrated on May 18. Cyclists rode through the city center, Lenin and Komsomolskaya streets. Then the celebration continued in the old city park.

For cyclists there were organized contests "Obstacle course", "Track" and "Quiet ride". It was possible to attend a useful master class on first aid, which, fortunately, was not needed by anyone.

We also conducted master classes on aromatherapy and proper nutrition, bookcrossing. For amateur local lore experts, the environmental and local lore public association "Nerush" organized the VeloQest "Streets of the city of Baranovichi", in which 8 teams took part.

Spring bike ride in Gomel united more than a thousand citizens

The length of the distance was 18 kilometers. The route passed from the Gomel State Medical University to the cascade of lakes "Volotovskie". The event brought together at least 1200 individual participants and teams representing 10 large organizations. The most numerous organized group came to the Francysk Skaryna University - it was represented by about two hundred students and teachers.

Olympic champion Oleg Logvin Meets with young Borisov cyclists

The meeting took place in the Borisov central regional library named after I.Kh. Kolodeev within the framework of the project "Borisov - in the style of Velo". Oleg Nikolaevich is a native of Borisov and an honorary citizen of the Borisov district. He became the champion of the XXII Olympic Games in Moscow (1980) in the team race on the highway. In the reading room, the Olympic champion talked to schoolchildren and answered all their questions about cycling and cycling in general.


VeloGomel started working on the Concept for the Development of Cycling

The organization is supported by the Minsk Cycling Society, and a letter of support for this work was signed at the level of the Gomel City Executive Committee. Developing a strategy of concrete actions is a big step towards creating the cycling infrastructure of the regional center.

In the near future, a tender will be announced for the implementation of work on the Concept. For this, a specialist with the necessary competencies will be involved. The work will be paid from the funds of the project "Urban Cycling in Belarus", which implements Center for Environmental Solutions y together with Minsk Cycling Society and is funded by the European Union.

Courageous cyclists are invited to take part in the cycling marathon "Prinemansky"

It will be held on June 15 for the third time. It will be possible to compete in five distances in cycling and running. So it is not for nothing that the marathon received the unspoken name “for everyone”. The maximum distance is 85 km, the minimum is 7 km. Races for several hundred meters will be organized for children. The race starts in the vicinity of Lida, the track will appear a week before the competition. The marathon is organized by the club "Cross-country Lida".


Working materials for schools appeared on the topic "Cycling"

A great work on the preparation of materials was carried out by a public association "VeloGrodno"... Based on the data collected in the brochures, it will be possible to conduct information and classroom hours, extracurricular and extracurricular activities

With the help of working materials, students will be able to find out how a mountain bike differs from a road bike, what a cargo bike is, what is useful on a bike ride, what rules to follow when cycling in the yard, and also get answers to other questions about cycling topics.

Working materials will be distributed among educational institutions in the form of printed brochures and in electronic form. You can get them by writing to the organization's mail at velogrodnoby@gmail.com.

Friends and colleagues, thank you for sharing your experience. So we can unite and move in sync with the cycling Belarus.

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2019, May 22nd

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