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There is never too much good news. See how Belarusian cities are changing for the better. Feel free to share information - all global changes are made up of small victories. In the meantime, for you a digest on the news for April. We spin together!


Bicycle festival in Brest will become international.

Borisov residents took part in bike quest "10 Moments of Spring".

Residents of Polotsk and Novopolotsk drove brew 200 kilometers.


In Grodno, a specific plan to improve conditions for cyclists.

Cycling infrastructure in Shchuchin studied active adolescents.

Everything is under control: in Malorita, Kobrin and Kamenets bicycle monitoring.

For Lyakhovichi cyclists a stand with a pump and a universal key was installed on the street.


There seems to be an answer: do I need to pay protection sporting events

Did you know what is right according to the law store bike?

Mass bike rides have begun in Belarus. For example, photo reports on two bike rides around Grodno... And here you can find a bike ride dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus, which started from Berezino... The spring bike ride was also massive in Gomel.


During cycling festival in Brest participants will be able to travel to Poland

On May 18, Brest will host the Bicycle Festival "Without a Motor" for the third time. This year "For Velo Brest"  developed a new route for the participants, 15 kilometers long. Those who are not confident in their endurance need not worry - the pace of the race is calm. So both novice cyclists and families with children will be able to ride with pleasure. The bike ride will begin from the Brest Fortress and end with a holiday at the Victoria Sports Palace. You can register here.

For those who wish, the festival will continue with an integration trip to the Polish city of Terespol. By the way, this year almost 200 citizens of the European Union will take part in the festival itself in Brest, so “Without a motor” will rightfully receive the status of an international festival.

They know how cycling and the love of reading are related in Borisov

The regional educational project "Borisov in the style of Velo" has started working in the city. One of the first events of the project was the bike quest “10 Moments of Spring”. The participants were able to get to know their city and its history better. The quest was held with the support of the Borisov Central Regional Library. THEM. Kolodeev, so some of the tasks were related to the search for books about the history of the Borisov region. So the quest became an opportunity to simultaneously introduce the townspeople to reading and a healthy lifestyle.

200 km brew started from the new building of Polotsk State University

This distance is the minimum distance for brevet. The route was laid from Polotsk through Disna, Miory, Verkhnedvinsk and Azino and ended at a picturesque reservoir, in honor of which it was named "To the lake with an island."
The participants spent about 13.5 hours covering the distance on bicycles. By the way, the oldest cyclist is 70 years old! He took part in the brevet for the fifth time. Arrival organizer NGO "Versta Veloklub" I have planned more than one brevet for the warm season.


In Grodno, they not only identified the problems of cycling, but also found ways to deal with them

OOV "VeloGrodno" studied the situation with cycling in detail. Among the main problems at the beginning of 2019, the following were highlighted: imperfect barrier-free environment in micro-districts, difficulty with bicycle storage places, cycle paths do not have an appropriate status, new construction is proceeding without taking into account the interests of cyclists, a conflict in the Pyshki forest park.

The report was submitted at the meeting The Council for Cycling, where it was decided to create a Concept for the Development of Cycling. This will allow solving problems in a comprehensive manner. The implementation period is April-July 2019.

Much work has already been done. So in the center of Grodno and in the microdistrict Devyatovka, the creation of a barrier-free environment should be completed this year. The members of the association have other ideas for improving the infrastructure.

For example, on narrow sidewalks in the center, install U-shaped bicycle parking, which will not take up much space. Arrange passages behind large stops. Restore the recommended markings so that the bicycle icon is repeated every 50-100 m, as well as if there is an intersection with exits from courtyards, shops, etc. You can learn more about the plan here.

Shchuchin teenagers themselves explored the peculiarities of the city's cycling

The "ProBicycle" project was implemented by eighth grade students under the guidance of a teacher Natalia Gennadievna Swede... The high school students analyzed the traffic in the center and made a conclusion about the problem areas of the city. As it turned out, on average 15 cyclists pass through the points per hour, most of whom are over 50 years old.

According to adolescents, ill-conceived infrastructure hinders the development of cycling. They identified areas where curbs need to be lowered, streets with poor lighting, and suburban roads with no paved shoulder. The data were transferred to the executive committee. Work is already underway in the city to lower curbs and strengthen roadsides.

"For Velo Brest" continues monitoring the infrastructure of cities in the Brest region

In April, the situation in Malorita, a regional center with a population of 11 thousand people, was analyzed. A detailed report can be found here. During the monitoring, experts study the presence and condition of bike paths, parking lots, sidewalks and ramps, the relationship between pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, as well as the implementation of the Concept for the Development of Cycling. Monitoring has also already been carried out in Kobrin and Kamenets, reports will appear in the near future.

In Lyakhovichi there was an "ambulance" for two-wheeled

Utility representatives installed a platform with a pump and a master key in the city center. Now it will be much easier to resolve the issue with a minor bike breakdown in Lyakhovichi.


Council of the Republic replied to the appeal of the organizers of sports competitions

For Velo Brest sent appeal to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. It is connected with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 49 dated January 24, 2019, which approved the Regulation on the procedure for paying for public order services provided by the internal affairs bodies, costs associated with medical services, cleaning the territory after mass events are held there.

This document extends its effect to all public events held without the participation of state authorities and seriously limits the possibilities for the activities of public organizations due to the high cost of these services.

Meanwhile, colleagues from Brest "VeloGrodno" have already received a response to their appeal on the same occasion. It says that sporting events, including amateur ones, are not "mass events" ", which means that Resolution 49 does not apply to them. We are waiting for the expert opinion of a lawyer.

Friends and colleagues, thank you for sharing your experience. So we can unite and move in sync with the cycling Belarus.

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2019, May 17th

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