Where are we going? The latest news about cycling from different parts of Belarus

Summer, as always, is filled with bright cycling events and adventures. You can make yourself exciting plans for every weekend. Thanks for your activity. We are waiting for even more cool news next month and continue to play together!


We invite activists to a two-day seminar on fundraising

A meeting dedicated to construction took place in Minsk bike garages


A memorial was held in Brest bike ride

Elderly residents of Brest moved on bicycles


On the day of the city in Mogilev there will be a large cycling zone

In mid-July, near Baranovichi, a traditional race Travers Adventure Race

Registration for the marathon has opened "Susedzі"

Slonim prepares for the marathon "To the broken stone"

International relations

"Za Velo Brest" together with Polish colleagues took part in Motol regatta

Like Grodno and Vilnius cycling clubs ride visit each other

Mogilev "Tuteyshy Rovar" organizes a large bike trip to the Carpathians


New cycling route tested in the Brest region

In Kobrin, his own "Viva Rovar!"

The first Belarusian annexes for cyclists already more than 500 users

Among Grodno schoolchildren held interview: why don't they cycle to school?

For the first time in several years passed in Brest fixer  #opening of the season. Event consisted of a quest, an upheel and a track stand (Fixed gear only).


On July 6-7, a training course will be held in the estate near Minsk seminar for activists

Topic - "All aspects of the search for financial stability." The event is free, you only need register until June 27 inclusive. The seminar will be useful to representatives of public organizations and bicycle and environmental initiatives. We are waiting for your applications!

At a seminar in Minsk, they told how to install a bicycle garage

On May 31, a seminar on the construction of bicycle garages was held in Minsk. Gathered activists who want to install a bicycle garage in their yard. Team Rovarbox She told how to coordinate a bicycle garage and what are the alternative storage options for a bicycle, besides a garage: underground parking and an entrance space on the ground floor.


During bike ride Brest residents honored the memory of the participants of the Great Patriotic War

A three-day bike ride took place in Brest in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the city, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the territory from the Nazi troops, as well as the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. The distance was about 170 kilometers. The route passed through the territory of the Landscape Reserve "Pribuzhskoe Polesie" and the Polesskaya valley of the Bug river. Cyclists visited the Museum of National Glory, the Afanasyevsky Monastery and burial sites.

The first regional cycling festival was held in Brest "Two wheels"

It was attended by elderly residents of the city and the region from the day care departments of territorial centers of social services for the population. The main objectives of the festival were the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, as well as the popularization of the "Active Longevity" program.


Day of the city in Mogilev will become a bicycle

On June 29, Mogilev will celebrate its birthday. On this day, the Big City Picnic will take place in Podnikolye Park. There will be a bike zone with master classes and bike experts. Even on the City Day, environmental troops in cardboard armor on bicycles will ride across Mogilev. Now the organization "Tuteyshy Rovar" gathers all comers. By the way, it was this very idea that brought the team a victory in the group costume competition at Viva Rovar! In Minsk.

Up to 30 hours of adventure: in the Baranovichi district they are preparing for a large-scale race

Travers Adventure Race - 2019 will take place on the weekend of July 13-14. Please note: the date has been changed. There will be everything: the favorite format of 6 and 12 hours in the Amateur classes, 24 hours in the TRACK and VELO classes, and the most experienced and prepared participants of the PRO class will receive a traditional day, stretched to 30 hours of adventure.

It is already possible to register for the amateur marathon "Susedzі"

Starts on the Augustow Canal are scheduled for July 20. The marathon will be held for the ninth time. Anyone can take part in the presence of a bicycle and a helmet. Gender, age and cycling experience do not matter. Teams are also invited to participate. Competitions are held at four different distances: Marathon (~ 70 km), Half Marathon (~ 40 km), Fit-Marathon (~ 20 km) and Mini-Marathon (~ 5 km). For the smallest - “Children's bike ride” (~ 100 m).


Marathon with a romantic name "To the broken stone" will be held in Slonim on the last day of June

Competitions will be held in different age categories: from babies up to 6 years old to the level of masters, over 45 years old. In turn, the distances will be from 500 meters to 60 km. Place of gathering - microdistrict "Albertin", Puslovsky estate. You do not need to register in advance.

International relations

IN Motol regatta participated in "For Velo Brest" together with Polish colleagues

A relatively simple route ran along the picturesque roads of the Berezovsky and Ivanovsky districts. The participants' lodging was organized right on the shores of Lake Sporovo. On the second day, all cyclists and kayakers successfully finished in the city of Motol, where a festive concert took place.

Cramped connections cycling clubs Grodno and Vilnius

The clubs have been cooperating for over a year. In May, VeloGrodno activists drove 333 kilometers in Lithuania in 5 days. And at the beginning of summer a group of LKA club members visited Grodno and the Augustow Canal. In June, representatives of the two organizations will go on a joint trip around the Baltic Sea.

To the Carpathians on bicycles? Easily!

On August 19-31, the trip is organized by the Tuteyshy Rovar from Mogilev. This is 400 kilometers by bike across Ukraine from Yaremche to Mukachevo. At the finish line, everyone will have a two-day vacation in Lviv.

Friends and colleagues, thank you for sharing your experience. So we can unite and move in sync with the cycling Belarus.

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2019, June 20th

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