20 tips for polite cycling

We considerthat cyclists generally have to choose where to move - on the sidewalk or carriageway, based on where it is safe to move. For the safe movement of cyclists on the roadway, you need to create bike lanes marked with markings or protected by structural elements. On some streets, it is necessary to create a "calm" movement, on which cars must not move more than 30 km / h. In Minsk, for example, Krasnozvezdnaya and Gikalo could become such streets. But in order to improve the situation with cyclists, changes in traffic rules are needed, and this is not a quick process, and we are the only ones who are talking about this so far.

In the meantime, cyclists share the sidewalk and often bike paths with pedestrians, we remind the rules of polite riding for cyclists. And the rules of conduct for pedestrians.

20 tips for polite cycling

1. The bike path is for cyclists. The sidewalk is for pedestrians. On the sidewalk, the cyclist is a guest.
2. On the sidewalk, get used to driving from the side of the carriageway - where there will be a cycle path in the future. If you get used to it, pedestrians also get used to it.

3. Ring the bell for a pedestrian on the cycle path. Thank him if he makes way for you. Not everyone is used to cyclists yet. And someone went to the bike path and completely by accident.
4. If you come across a pedestrian who, in principle, does not concede the road - bypass it. The best teacher is not you, but your politeness.
5. On the sidewalk, do not slalom among pedestrians!

6. If you still have to bypass pedestrians, do it at a low speed, even if you are confident in the safety of the maneuver. High speed maneuvers scare passers-by.

7. Be extremely careful when driving next to children.
8. According to the rules of the road, you can cross without dismounting, only at marked cycle crossings.

9. When approaching a cycle crossing or pedestrian crossing, slow down gradually. Braking at the last moment, you frighten motorists unpleasantly.
10. If you want to move safely, make eye contact with the driver. Your speed when crossing the road should not exceed 10 km / h.
11. Thank the driver who passes you with a gesture of your hand or a nod of your head.

12. Use flashlights at night. Reflective elements are not enough to be seen well.

13. Direct the front light downward a little so as not to blind pedestrians and oncoming cyclists.
14. The stroboscope mode is unpleasant for oncoming people. Use constant light mode.

15. Driving with headphones is unsafe, no matter what you are listening to.

16. Cyclists drive between themselves on the right side.

17. If you are riding in a group, do not occupy the entire width of the sidewalk or cycle lane. Leave room for other cyclists, pedestrians and yourself to maneuver.

18. Do not leave your bike on the sidewalk or cycle path, try to keep it as small as possible.
19. Do you “swim” in the traffic rules? Read “Cycling Assistant”.

20. If you are polite, they will be polite with you.

Recommendations for pedestrians:

1. You should not walk on bike paths, even if they are not used by cyclists. 

2. If you hear a bell (beep) or a shout - do not jump aside, calmly turn around to understand in which direction you should move.
3. Walk along the cycle path with a child - hold his hand on the opposite side of the cycle path. Also keep the leash away from the cycle path.
4. Walk with a small child on a tricycle only on the sidewalk.

2019, September 14th

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