Byasplatny prakat "Dobry rovar"


Zaўvaga: Getty projects not to the financial projects of Minsk Rovarnaga of tavarism, ale eon establishment and azhytsyaўlyaetsa nashymy actystami and karystaetsa informative and technical

In 2015 year ў Minsku adkryezza free-of-charge system prakata rovaraў "Good rovar".

Dobry Rovar (bikecrossing) - a system of rovarnaga prakatu, installed on a non-kamertsyynay asnov, yakaya dazvalaye arandavats rovar on an adnoy z rovary parking lot, a great trip and a vyarnuts rovar on an adna zharyanavan parking lot, installed near the getym zha goradze. The parallels passpyakhova іsnuyutsya in many European and American Garads.

Mata Pragram - Give zhykhara and tourists free access to the Albo Velmi Tanny access and the rovar for caroters (not much for a day) travels for the horadze yak alternatyu mataryzavanny gramadskam transport and autamabili, which is the most pale and very transparent.

Prakat budze pratsavats from May 1 to 1 castry, 2015.


On the parking lots near the central part of Minsk, we will place the minimum 25 rovars on coded locks - this code can be used without paying online service for SMS.

Padrykhtoka ўjo got dirty!

23 snow project "Dobry rovar"

Dapamagchy us dasyagnuts getyh matў can be done in offensive ways:

  • ahvyaravats rovar abo roar parts and accessories;
  • prapanavats pile dapamogu (pragramavanne, administravanne, dyzain, technical abs.);
  • ahvyaravats any bag penny (we have a sparse system - you adraza abachyce on INTO paid your materyal dapamoga).



Ekalagichna-satyyalny project "Dobry Rovar" is the geta of the graduates of the School of Ekalagichnaga Act of 2014

Igor Ivano: +375 29 692-48-80, go.mad.guys at
Kiril Kudravets: +375 29 500-21-69, +375 44 737-34-95, kirill.kudravets at

Daluchaycessya yes nashaga praekta ў satsyyalnogo nets:

2019, August 26th

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