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We prefer electronic correspondence, but, nevertheless, a fax can be sent by number: 8-017-337-36-16
Chairman of the board: Pavel Harbunou (english speaking)
+375295658291 (mts)
+375445442578 (velcom)
For partnership, volunteering, sponsorship, participation, assistance, administrative issues:
Anastasia Yanchevskaya
+375 33 630 94 85
Work with the media, information partnership, PR:
Daria Kosco
+375 29 3481769
If you want to receive newsletters for the media, write to
Board members of the organization:
1) Alexandra Khotko,
2) Maxim Puchinsky,
3) Pavel Gorbunov,
4) Eugene Khoruzhiy,
5) Alexander Deshchenko,
6) Diana Nadvikova,
7) Tatyana Zharnosek,
8) Alexander Rytikov,
9) Anton Kotov.

Internal Auditor:
Marina Kostylyanchenko

Bank details:
The NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"
UNP (payer registration number) 194902167
Bank Account:  BIC PJCBBY2X  IBAN BY33PJCB30150209771000000933

Mailing Address:
The NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"
Minsk, Pershamajskaja str., 18 room 504

Minsk, Pershamajskaja str., 18 room 504 (5th floor, entrance from the corner of the building at the crossroad of  Pershamajskaja-Pulikhova streets to the door with the sign "Адвокаты").
Phone / Fax: +375 17 3373616
Opening hours: weekdays, from 12 pm to 6 pm
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