The NGO "Minsk Cycling Community": planning of urban infrastructure that takes into account the interests of cyclists, eliminating high curbs at intersections, creating safe bicycle routes throughout the city.

We offer free bike lessons for all ages in Minsk.

Members of our organization get a modern ID card -- the ecological analogue of a driver's licence, and an account on the site

Now every cyclist can mark high curbs, cars parked on the sidewalk and other obstacles to normal cycling at

Minsk Cycling Community prepared great programme for cyclists in honor of  World Bicycle Day: presentation of new cycling route, lecture of  the Dutch city planners, discount registration fee in MCC.

On 19th May representatives of Minsk Cycling Community took part in the Annual General Meeting of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) in Milan, Italy.

On May 12, for the fourth time Minsk hosted the largest cycling event in Belarus - bicycle carnival "Viva Rovar". Traditionally, car traffic was closed on one of the main avenues of the city to give the space for bicycles. More than 17 thousand participants from all over Belarus took part in the event.

In the belarusian cycling there was an event of the republican level –  in the country the National concept on the development of cycling has been adopted. What does it mean, what are the advantages and disadvantages in it and how will the ECF-member Minsk Cycling Community help to realize it to local authorities?

In 2017 Minsk Cycling community took part in several foreign cycling conferences and organized two international cycling conferences in Minsk.

In 2017 Minsk Cycling Community was honored to become a participant of ECF Leadership Programme. The aim of the programme is to help cycling organizations to strengthen their influence on the regional and national government by providing them educational and financial support.

Bike4SDGs, ‘Mind Over Matter’ bike ride and more…

"Bike to work" campaign, 'Fruits for cyclists', Night bike ride and other events, organized with the support of Minsk Cycling Community. 

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