Zrobi! An unusual bike ride this Saturday (September 15) and not only


John Rosman will conduct an unusual bike ride combined with cleaning on this day. The activist invites all lovers of cycling and out-of-town trips to go to the forest near the Uruchye mikrayon. Start from the National Library at 13.00.

September 15th - Global cleaning day... Participants of the movement from 150 countries will take part in the action. Belarus joins the big action, closing the 6th season “Zrobim! ” - cleaning up unauthorized dumps.
Since April 21, volunteers and volunteers of the Zrobim! actively searched for the accumulation of garbage in forests, on the banks of rivers and lakes, places of mass recreation, and applied it to special card... In the process, teams were formed and liaised with local authorities. Global Cleaning Day - action International movement "Let's do it!"... As planned by the organizers, on September 15, participants and participants of the movement from 150 countries will clean up unauthorized dumps. In 2016, the organizing committee "Zrobim!" decided to join the Global Cleaning Day and end the 2018 season with a big campaign.

In Minsk, the organizers invite you to two cleanings and a walking marathon with the “City Forester” at once.

14 september everyone is invited to clean the Serebryany Log (northeastern part of Loshitsa Park). The organizers promise to hold informative lectures and master classes on the topic of waste and responsible consumption, and get to know urbanists better. And after putting things in order, a general picnic will take place in the park. You can register for cleaning by link.
September 15th volunteer cleaning will take place in the Park named after the 50th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. Within two hours, the participants will put things in order in the forested area. Then the organizers invite volunteers for a small picnic. You can register for cleaning by link.
For those who want to have a particularly active and beneficial Global Cleaning Day campaign “Urban Forester”Has prepared a new walking marathon, which will pass through the“ Garden of Eden ”and the longest alley in the city. On the way, the participants of the marathon will also hold mini-actions for cleaning. Therefore, the organizers advise to bring bags and gloves with you. The route map can be viewed by link.
John Rosman will carry out an unusual cleaning this day. The activist invites all fans of cycling and country trips to go to the forest near the Uruchye microdistrict. Start from the National Library at 13.00. The track can be found by link.
- Take part in "Zrobim!" everyone can. If you know littered natural places in Minsk or not far from the city - gather friends, acquaintances, relatives, make the world around you better! You do not know how and where to start, you can use algorithms of actions... And if you make it before September 15 register our cleaning, we can help you with gloves and bags, - noted in the organizing committee.
"Zrobim!" - Belarusian part of the International movement “Let's do it!”. Cleaning campaigns within the framework of "Zrobim!" held in our country since 2012. The largest season was the 2016 season, in which about 24,000 people participated and 690 m3 of waste was collected.
To the organizing committee of the movement for cleaning up unauthorized dumps "Zrobim!" includes an environmental NGO: the institution “Center for Environmental Solutions", Partnership"Green Network”, The public association“ Minsk Cycling Society ”and individual representatives. Cleaning campaigns are carried out with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services.
Cleaning will take place in Minsk, Gomel, Grodno, Brest, Vileyka, Baranovichi, Rechitsa, Molodechno, Rakov, Orsha, Slutsk, Pinsk, Myadel, argogorods Naroch and Priluki, the villages of Poltevo and Leskovichi, Shumilinsky district.
Additional Information:
Kirill Kudravets, coordinator of the Movement from the Green Network Partnership
+ 375 29 5002169 (preferably Telegram)

2018, September 13th

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