What are cycling beacons and how can they affect the development of cycling?


This fall, a new word has appeared in the everyday life of Belarusian cyclists - bicycle beacons. In the cycling environment, news about their installation in different cities of Belarus began to appear regularly. Also, in another way, bicycle beacons are called cycling spots, bicycle races, express stations and stands for self-repair of bicycles. Let's figure out what they are.

In fact, a bicycle beacon is a stand on which a bicycle can be suspended from a saddle to make it easier to repair. In addition, a multitool is attached to the rack, a pump that fits French and automotive nipples, as well as open-end wrenches for 10, 12, 14, 15 and 16.

Bicycle beacon in Grodno

Anyone can use the bike ride free of charge. But this must be done immediately on the spot, you cannot take the tools with you. Unfortunately, there have already been several similar precedents. However, unscrupulous cyclists were quickly found: all points are under video surveillance.

New infrastructure - the result selection of applications and proposals for improving the cycling infrastructure and conditions for the development of cycling in the regions of Belarus. These activities are carried out within the framework of the project "Urban Cycling in Belarus", supported by the European Union. In total, about 90 applications were received, and 24 applications were selected from state and non-state non-profit organizations.

Depending on the proposals, bicycle parking lots, bicycle garages are also installed in different cities of Belarus, bicycles are handed over to employees of organizations, bicycle schools are opened, tourist routes and public service announcements are developed. 

Bicycle beacon in Gomel

The first bicycle beacon was installed in Minsk. It is located on Lidskaya Street, in the Kamennaya Gorka microdistrict near the Temple of St. Nicholas of Japan. Repair stations have already appeared in Gomel, Braslav, Novopolotsk, the village of Leskovichi, Shumilinsky district, Mogilev, Bykhov and Borisov. Also, bicycle beacons will help in the maintenance of bicycles for residents and guests of Grodno, Vileika, the village of Lavrishevo, Novogrudok district and the village of Zditovo, Berezovsky district. In a few months, it was installed 21 cycling trips.

Cycling beacon in Minsk. The red dot indicates its location 

Bicycle beacons can be called the next step in the development of bicycle infrastructure in Belarus, although they have been installed in neighboring countries for a long time. If bike parking and bike garages help solve the daily problem of bicycle storage, then stands for self-repairs allow you to cope with emergencies. All steps to implement the proposals that participated in the selection are aimed at making the bicycle more often used as a full-fledged transport for quick and comfortable movement around the city.

Watch the video of bikers from Grodno.

Photo and video: NGO "VeloGrodno", NGO "VeloGomel", NGO "Minsk Cycling Society".

2019, November 20th

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