Winter Cycling Photo Contest with Great Prizes

Agree, everyone who rides a bike in the cold season was asked the question: are you sure you are not cold? Perhaps you have even heard this question more than a hundred times, or you continue to hear it every day!

We decided to join forces and prove that cycling in late autumn and winter is not just cold, but really fun. We invite all seasoned cyclists and cyclists to take part in the photo competition, which the Minsk Cycling Society holds together with the store. WWW.ON-BIKE.BY... Cyclists from all over Belarus can claim victory!

The terms of participation:

  • If you are not subscribed yet, subscribe to groups @bikeorgby and @onbikeby on social networks (VK, Facebook, instagram). Photographs are accepted only for members of both groups.
  • Repost the competition announcements to your page.
  • Take a photo with your bike, proving that you are absolutely not cold.
  • Post it to social media with a hashtag #velomorzh, as well as the mention of the MBO group and the On-bike store (the stories will not work).
  • Photos are accepted until December 20. The prizes will be awarded to the winners during the Christmas bike ride.

As for determining the winners. Each of the team members Minsk Cycling Society and ON-BIKE.BY will choose three favorites. The winners will be those with the most votes

And now for the best part! First place prize - certificate to the store @onbikeby for 100 rubles! For the second place - 50 rubles. For the third place - 25 rubles. Out-of-the-box photo creativity and helpful or funny comments are welcome! 

PS Photo is illustrative

2019, December 3rd

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