Rolling into winter: good news from the Moscow Military District for the last month

We are glad to share that cycling life in the city does not stop, but continues very actively! Therefore, we want to immediately invite you to the main cycling event of December - the Christmas bike ride. The date is already known for sure - after lunch on December 25th. Follow the details on social networks!

Get involved

Winter Riding Photo Contest with great prizes (by December 20th!)

Cycling marathon Paris - Nagasaki in 2020

Favorite photo project #MinskBikeWoman - we continue the photo sessions

We remind you: this is how a Christmas bike ride usually goes (last year's photo)

Expert work

Impact of parking policy on the urban environment

The description of the Concept for the development of cycling for Mogilev and Krichev is ready

Difference of bicycle standards in Belarus from the EU, Ukraine and Russia

Cycling officer Pavel Nishchenko spoke about Minsk at the forum in Stavropol


A detailed explanation of what a beacon is

Offers for Oktyabrsky district

Inspection of the MKAD-Volkovichi cycle path

For designers: BIM model of a bicycle parking


International Day of Volunteers. We love!

What can the average city dweller do for cycling infrastructure?

For everyone who is bored: panoramic shots of the MVO house

What real velomors look like

The expert work of the Minsk Cycling Society was supported by the European Union within the framework of the project “Urban Cycling in Belarus”.

Photo: Alexey Basalay, Maxim Shitov, Ilya Voistratenko, Igor Volosatov, Maxim Puchinsky, @ morjiminska.dvs, OO  VeloGomel.

2019, December 10th

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