Sofa activists: what petitions to sign to improve cycling infrastructure


Good and warm new year, cyclists and cyclists! 

This year's first collection of petitions related to cycling will help actively but effortlessly get involved in improving infrastructure throughout Belarus.

Large and high quality appeal for the improvement of the city to the day of writing made up in Belynichi, Mogilev region. Why the day of writing? Now it is a mini-analogue of Dozhinki, when the whole city is being reconstructed, those. when you can immediately make high-quality infrastructure, and not lower the curbs for several years.
As the first point, the authors ask to create a cycle path on the roadway, and give an example David town, Brest, Polotsk and Minskwhere a similar infrastructure has already been created.
Why sign the petition? To create another city with a comfortable urban environment and cycling infrastructure. After all, the more there are, the faster positive changes will take place throughout the country and the faster designers and builders will learn to do it efficiently and the first time.

A little more than a day left before the petition is sent on the elimination of spontaneous parking lots in the Pervomaisky district of Minsk... The problem with parking on sidewalks and at intersections with the carriageway is relevant for the whole of Minsk and other cities. Often, drivers do not understand that they are interfering with others, and first of all with people with limited mobility (parents with wheelchairs, people with disabilities). The authors of the petition ask to solve the issue by installing small architectural forms - this is the most effective method.
Why sign the petition? To make it convenient to move around the city, including by bike.

Improperly installed benches and rubbish bins, such as on Kamennogorskaya Street in Minsk, can also limit the space for movement. Having received a negative response to the request to move the shops, the creators of the petition decided appeal the answer and cited excerpts from the norms (TCP 227), which were violated.
Why sign the petition? For the same reason, it is convenient to move around the city.

For those who ride out of town, you should pay attention to petition in the village of Yasnovka, Pukhovichi district... The bridge across the Svisloch is in disrepair. Its renovation will probably make it possible to shorten the path and drive along the paths, rather than the congested roads.
Why sign the petition? Bridges over rivers allow cyclists to reach the most scenic views and quiet places to sleep.

2020, January 4th

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