How does a bicycle help brighten up autumn? MBO news for October



We are often asked what do you do during the cold season? As we always emphasize: the cycling season lasts all year round. Therefore, in the fall and winter, we have not less, and sometimes more events! See for yourself by watching our news for the past month.


The largest cycling forum of Belarus "PraRovar" became the most significant event not only in autumn, but throughout the whole year. He took place on October 25-27 in Gomel, where it gathered 150 participants from 20 cities and 5 countries. The Minsk Cycling Society was one of the organizers of the forum.

The opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of "PraRovar" after the event

Look for familiar faces: all photos from the forum!


What does the stand of urban navigation on the EuroVelo-2 route look like?

The first bicycle beacon was installed in Minsk

Why were the deliniators removed from the cycle lane on Horuzhei Street?


Experts presented the MVO at the cycling forum in Vinnitsa

Meeting with those who will develop cycling tourism in the future

Cycle dawn on the Minsk Sea

Photo project

Great cyclists who don't even think about closing the season

The expert work of the Minsk Cycling Society was supported by the European Union within the framework of the project “Urban Cycling in Belarus”.

Photo: Alexey Basalay, Yuri Melnik, Maxim Shitov, Maxim Puchinsky,

2019, November 14th

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