"Green cycle ring". Route in Minsk, but as if you are out of town (video)



While there is no opportunity for offline meetings, we offer you a video presentation of the cycling route “Green cycling ring". Haven't ridden this route yet? Then see what awaits you.

Video: Evgeny Loiko 
Music: Flicker In Eyes - Steven Perry 

"Green cycling ring" - this is a unique opportunity to go around Minsk on a bicycle through the city's parks. 

Do you want to see 14 unique cascades, a stunning panorama of Minsk, the most natural places in which it seems that you are far beyond the city of two million? Relax and rest will help Cycling route along the Slepyansk water system, landscape and recreational zone along the Loshitsa and Myshka rivers, through the Drozdy, Zaslavskoye and Tsnyanskoye reservoirs. Choose any section or drive all 66 km at once.

маршрут по Минску

This route is not for athletes. It is needed for exploring Minsk, for walking. It is important to remember that there is no dedicated cycling infrastructure, so be careful and respect pedestrians when cycling.

Some of the territories of the proposed route were located in "reserve" and preserved their natural environment. In order to preserve this unique green corridor, it is important not to build up, but to develop pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. 

At the moment the track "Green cycle ring»Not always comfortable for cycling, but Minsk Cycling Society has already suggested that the city authorities convert this route and build an appropriate cycling infrastructure there.

If you have recently learned to ride a bike, then you can start exploring the green areas of the city from the north-eastern part of this route. It runs along the canal of the Slepian water system - one of the most picturesque in Minsk.

The western part of the route is more suitable for confident cyclists and passes through the “wild” natural areas of the city. In order not to get lost, do not forget to download the cycling route track.


"Green cycling ring"  can become not only a favorite recreational route, but an attractive tourist attraction, in addition to the existing Svisloch bike path.

In addition, this route can be used as a transport route for moving from one district of Minsk to another, bypassing the motorways. More than 40% citizens of Minsk ride a bicycle. 3/4 of them use a bicycle to lead a healthy lifestyle. 115 thousand people from Minsk ride their bicycles to work on a regular basis.

You can download the track of the route by the link:

Great interview from the presentation of the route: 

Photo from first excursion on the green cycle ring: vk.com/album-23901576_255530438

2020, May 13th

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