We collected a tandem bike in a few days. Moscow Military District launches a campaign in support of bicycle photographer Alexei Basalay


Who doesn't know Lyosha Basalay? Lyosha is known to everyone who has subscribed to the social networks of the Minsk Cycling Society for the last 6 years. Maybe you didn't shake his hand, but you regularly see photos in our posts - the result of his excellent work.

Alexey Basalay - a photographer of the #minskbikestyle photo exhibition, he filmed all Minsk bicycle carnivals, the 30 Days on a Bike campaign, volunteered for the Green Network, the Center for Environmental Solutions, the Kartonka Theater, the Naliboki and Vilnius challenge cycling competitions, the Roadside Assistance initiative. Only in the social networks of the Minsk Cycling Society you will find more than 50 professional photo albums with his authorship.

Now Alexey needs help from all of us. Lyosha has cancer, with which he has been fighting for 14 months. Much has been done for treatment in Belarus, but the disease is insidious, and they decided to make the next attempt at surgery in Germany. The operation requires 17,000 euros. 

Part of the amount has already been collected by the public organization "City" in Germany, for which Lyosha is also a volunteer.

Hospitalization is scheduled for February 12.

There are three ways to help Lesha: 

1. Through a fundraising platform molamola.

2. Through charity account in Belarusbank. 

To transfer via the Internet bank, you need to select "Custom payments"
UNP of the bank branch: 100325912
Recipient: Basalay Alexey Nikolaevich
Purpose of payment: For treatment
IBAN account number BYN:

When making a payment in foreign currency / or if the payment in rubles does not go through, you need to specify a transit account instead of the main one:
UNP of the bank branch: 100325912
Recipient: ASB Belarusbank
In the cell with the purpose of payment write: Alexey Nikolayevich Basalay, for treatment; as well as an account in the required currency:
BYN: BY19AKBB31340000001720070000
EUR: BY65AKBB31342000000910070000
USD: BY33AKBB31341000001030070000
RUB: BY08AKBB31343000000720070000

3. To transfer money to a personal card Lesha Basalaya. Request the card number from Lyosha himself. The card number has been removed from public access to avoid fraudsters. Only Lesha Basalay himself can provide reliable details.
Lyosha in touch:
telegram @ id41509249 (@AlexeiBasalai)
VK @ id41509249 (Alyaksey Basalay)
FB www.facebook.com/AlexeiBasalai

Attention! All fees to help Lesha only on a card with his name and surname.

2020 year, January 30th

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