Read and do in your city. Online magazine of changes in cycling in Belarus over the past 3 years


The online magazine provides information on cycling infrastructure, cycling tourism, interaction with partner organizations from different sectors, working with legislation and promoting cycling in large and small towns of Belarus.

78% of the surveyed residents of large cities (Minsk, Brest, Grodno, Gomel) believe that cycling in the cities under study is developing (most of all - in Brest), of which 79% perceive it positively. The bicycle has firmly entered the life of cities, especially Minsk and Brest, where there are 0.4 and more adult bicycles for each inhabitant. The three main reasons why people in big cities use bicycles are to support a healthy lifestyle, enjoy driving, and cheap transportation.

An online magazine about the most important changes in the development of cycling in Belarus was created on the basis of a public report of the Minsk Cycling Society and the Center for Environmental Solutions on the implementation of the three-year project “Urban Cycling in Belarus”. The project was implemented from March 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020 with the financial support of the European Union. The magazine presents a catalog of the most significant cycling events, information on cycling research, expert comments, and links to download methodological manuals in each direction.

The public report as a detailed guide and source of inspiration will be useful for journalists, community activists, school teachers, as well as all people who are interested in and want positive cycling changes in their cities.


Consulting agency IMACON, when independently evaluating the results of the project "Urban Cycling in Belarus", noted its high efficiency:

- During the interview, all representatives of government bodies noted the importance and value of the project, as well as the significant role of regional cycling activists in the formation of a regulatory framework for the creation and development of cycling infrastructure. More than 70% public events organized under the project were held with the participation of representatives of local authorities. - summed up the experts of the IMACON consulting group Sergey Gotin and Tatiana Banadyk after an external assessment of the project team's work. 

Independent experts also noted that the project team effectively worked together in conditions of a limited amount of resources, and was also able to create a stable base for the further development of cycling in Belarus.

The public report was developed within the framework of the international technical assistance project "Development of urban cycling in the public interest of the Republic of Belarus", funded by the European Union and implemented by the Center for Environmental Solutions in cooperation with the public association Minsk Cycling Society.

Media contacts: Tatiana Zharnosek + 37529-3328576 (phone, vibeber, telegram)

2020, July 21st

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