More than a thousand cyclists received fruit on the No Car Day. How it was?

On the morning of September 22, cyclists, as well as all other road users who chose an environmentally friendly mode of transport, were treated to fruit. The traditional action for “Cycling to Work” on the Car-Free Day was held in seven locations in Minsk.

Why only the main streets? I don't drive there on my way to work ...

No matter how many points and hours of "duty" we volunteer, every year there are people who, at the end of the action, scold us that we were standing in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Once again we tell you that we have been preparing for this action since the summer and each time we interview active cyclists and cyclists where it is best to place energy points. By the way, there are more and more of them every year.

If you have wishes for the next year, then add to the chats of the MBO and participate in our surveys. Or come volunteer. We are always looking forward to new arms, legs, heads and hugs.

Another bike business with us!

At six power points, volunteers from the Moscow Military District treated cyclists, and at the new, seventh, the team Sprint store... Cycling activists-businessmen decided to join the event and at their own expense bought "nishtyaks" for early cyclists and cyclists.

 - We are glad that every year the business, and especially the bicycle business, is connected to the activities for the development of cycling, - the director of the Minsk Cycling Society tells about his impressions Anastasia Yanchevskaya... - In such cooperation, we can make cool events without foreign or government funding, which means that we do not waste energy on many bureaucratic things, do what we love and promote cycling culture in our cities.

No time for interviews! I'm in a hurry to get to work

Photo zones were organized for the participants of the action, but not everyone stopped for a photo session - they were in a hurry to get to work. This year, the TV crew had to stand for a long time to find heroes for interviews, although more than 1000 cyclists passed through the energy points.

Volunteers say that after 8 in the morning they did not always have time to count the passing cyclists, because people almost continuously traveled in different directions. Almost half of them did not stop so as not to waste precious minutes of time.

And also mono-wheeled vehicles and scooters

Traditionally, we invite not only cyclists to our events, but also owners of personal mobility equipment - electric unicycle, roller skates, scooters, segway ... We all need one barrier-free access and together we reduce the traffic congestion in our cities.


Anything and anything

In our advice for those who ride a bicycle to work for the first time, we have already written that for moving relatively short distances at a calm pace, it does not matter what kind of bicycle you have and how you dress. See what different people and bicycles ride in our city.


The event was held in Minsk for the 6th time. The action is one of the activities European Mobility Week, which takes place around the world from September 16 to 22. The theme of EHM-2020 is the promotion of low-carbon modes of transport - "Mobility without harmful emissions". The 2020 motto is 'Choose your move'. The event was organized by the Minsk City Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

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2020, September 24th

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