Accessible and clear: the Moscow Military District, together with the traffic police, prepared booklets and videos on traffic rules for cyclists

OO The Minsk Cycling Society together with the Center for Environmental Solutions, with the support of the UGAI GUVD of the Minsk City Executive Committee, have developed materials telling in simple language about the traffic rules for cyclists. This is a brochure and videos. The materials use clear and at the same time extremely clear wording, which makes them useful for both adults and children.

This is how the booklet is titled “How to Ride a Bicycle Safely: Rules and Recommendations”. Indeed, it not only lists all the traffic rules for cyclists, but also provides advice on safe habits and cycling culture. This term refers to those driving conditions when it is equally comfortable for cyclists and pedestrians to move on the sidewalk.

The booklet is decorated with bright informative illustrations, it unfolds and can be used as a visual aid. You can download it electronically here... A total of 6 thousand copies were printed. If you need a printed version for educational purposes, you can pick it up at the MBO office at Minsk, st. Pervomaiskaya, 18, room 504. Pre-write a request for

A significant part of the booklets have already been distributed among activists and educational institutions throughout Belarus. Members of cycling organizations, with the support of local authorities and schools, organize events to promote traffic regulations and safe cycling.

As for the video, 4 videos were released in total. They tell how to behave on the road for cyclists and car drivers. It is not for nothing that the slogan of the videos sounds exactly like this: “It doesn't matter which steering wheel you hold on to. It is important to know the rules, be attentive and polite. " The video is made in a catchy retro style with a recognizable soundtrack. The videos are also convenient to use in tutorials. You can watch and download the video here

We would like to thank the Black Beast Media video production team for creative work on the videos.

Initially, two versions of the booklet and videos were developed: based on the current traffic rules and on the basis of changes in traffic rules, which are supposed to be adopted in 2020. So far, only the current version has been published. Closer to the warm season, we will try to make videos about traffic rules hit like social advertising on TV. 

The materials were prepared with the financial support of the European Union within the framework of the project "Urban Cycling in Belarus" implemented by the Center for Environmental Solutions and the public association "Minsk Cycling Society" with co-financing of the GEF Small Grants Program "Development of Cycling in the Regions of Belarus" implemented by the public association "Minsk Cycling Society".

2019, December 11th

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