5 cycling routes for one day trip prepared in VeloGrodno



Where to ride? Where to go by bike? So that you don't have to worry about these questions, VeloGrodno has prepared maps with routes for a one-day trip.

In total, there are 5 routes on the map: two - near the city, three - in the lake region Porechye - Ozyory.

Tourist Cycling Route Map

A map with five cycling routes in the vicinity of Grodno is available for download in pdf format

The routes were “dashed” by VeloGrodno activists as part of the Belmed project. And now, thanks to the participation of our organization in the project "Urban Movement of Belarus", it has become possible to finalize the routes and capture them graphically.

The presented routes are a hint for those who like active rest in which direction to ride near Grodno.

Routes near the city are also suitable for inexperienced cyclists, we checked. And routes in the Porechye region are convenient due to the presence of an electric train, but they already require a little physical fitness.

The routes are mostly off-road, on low-traffic roads, forest roads and paths. A mountain bike with wide tires is recommended for trips, as there are sandy areas on almost all routes, especially in dry weather. 

“I advise you to take a supply of water and a snack along the way, there are shops on the routes, but they are mostly rural and it’s not a fact that they will work on weekends or in the evening,” suggests the route developer Andrey Shavel, “Calculate the route time from the average speed of 10 km / h, well, add time for stops and sightseeing. Plan to leave in the morning or first half of the day. Use the navigator. "

The routes will be interesting both for a family ride and for a group of friends. Getting out on a trip on your own, you need to be prepared physically and mentally.

Maps are distributed free of charge. You can get them at the Velo Grodno office, having previously agreed on a meeting by phone with a representative of the organization (80 29 261-01-69 Yulitta).

The routes were developed within the framework of the project “Development of urban cycling in the interests of the public of the Republic of Belarus”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Center for Environmental Solutions in cooperation with the public association “Minsk Cycling Society”.

2020, March 21st

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