What to see in the city above the Sozh? Velo Gomel made up 4 tourist cycling routes



What is the first place to visit in Gomel when you have a bike? VeloGomel activists presented a map with tourist routes around the city and beyond:

Tourist Cycling Route Map

A map with four cycling routes in Gomel is available for download in pdf format

The booklet contains two city routes (1-2) and two out-of-town routes (3-4):

1. Around Gomel and its environs (Big Circle) - 60 km.
You can learn more about it find out on the VeloGomel website.

2. Around Gomel and its environs (Small circle) - 20 km.

3. Partisan Krinichka - 17 km.

4. Take off! - 45 km.

The routes were developed within the framework of the project “Development of urban cycling in the interests of the public of the Republic of Belarus”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Center for Environmental Solutions in cooperation with the public association “Minsk Cycling Society”.

2020 year, March 24th

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