ECF Annual General Meeting 2018

On 19th May representatives of Minsk Cycling Community took part in the Annual General Meeting of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) in Milan, Italy.
The meeting had quite intense agenda: adoption of Vision 2030 document, elections of the President and Vice-Presidents, acceptance of new member organizations, educational workshops.
On 18th May an Interactive Workshops on advocacy and organizational development was held. Representatives of MCC took active part in all the workshops’ discussions and assignments, getting valuable ideas for future work from the European colleagues and sharing experience of our organization.



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The meeting was hosted by the ECF Member from Italy - FIAB. Besides excellent organization of official part,  there was also informal dinner in bicycle-friendly cafe HUG, we were provided with free bicycles from bike-sharing system BikeMi, and two interesting bicycle excursions were organized.
Minsk Cycling Community is a member of the ECF since 2012. Being a member of this international organization and taking part in ECF Leadership programme 2017 helped MCC to become a national leader in cycling advocacy, facilitating adoption of National Cycling Concept in 2018. The membership is very important for us regarding its European status, educational support, getting valuable experience from powerful European member organizations.

The participation in ECF AGM was supported by the European Union within the project "Urban Cycling in Belarus".