Summer News of the Minsk Cycling Community

Bicycle carnival was held in Minsk

In the middle of May, thousands of cyclists rided through the center of Minsk in Different costumes in the  traditional  bicycle carnival "Viva, rovar!" (which means “Viva, bicycle!”) . The participants gathered at the stela "Minsk - Hero City" and rided to the Minsk Arena and returned to the Victory Park, where celebration continued. TUT.BY has prepared photo 360, as well as video from the ground and air of the event.
We thank the volunteers of the Minsk Cycling Community for their excellent work!

According to Minsk-News agency, the parade gathered more than 12 thousands of cyclists. This year the event for the first time received international status. Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkmenistan, Sweden, Germany and a number of other countries took part in the cycling event.
Bicycle conference of Belarusian cities

On May 12, 2017, a bicycle conference of Belarusian cities was held in Minsk. The organizers of the event were the Minsk Cycling Community and the Minsk Cycling Club. The purpose of the conference was to discuss with the city administrations the current state of the development of urban cycling. We present to your attention the content and presentations of the speakers of the conference.
  1. The choice of technical solutions in the organization of the bicycle traffic in Vilnius - Anton Nikitin (rus)
  2. The role of the Vilnius transport department in the development of the city's bicycle infrastructure - Anton Nikitin (rus)
  3. Role of the concept of bicycle traffic in Minsk - Yuri Vazhnik (rus)
  4. About the development of bicycle space in Moscow - Olga Maltseva (rus)
  5. Urban cycling in Belarus - Pavel Harbunou (rus)
  6. Bicycle Project of the MCC-CES-EU - Daria Chumakova (rus)
  7. The review of traffic rules in the Russian Federation - Olga Maltseva (rus)
  8. Presentation economic benefits - Lars Stromgren (eng)
  9. Urban cycling-development - Lars Stromgren (eng)
  10. Bike sharing short in Minsk - Maksim Tsuran (rus)
New cycling project
On May 18  the project "Development of urban cycling for public benefit in Belarus" was presented for journalists. The project is designed for 30 months: it started in March 2017, the completion is planned in August 2019. It is implemented by the Minsk Cycling Community and the Center for Environmental Solutions, with the financial support of the EU. Read more about the project on our website.

Bicycle riding school

Every Thursday and Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm volunteers of the Minsk Cycling Community teach adults to ride a two-wheeled bicycle.
Classes are free, but for participation it is necessary to fill in a short application form.


Veloslet - cyclists’ gathering

On 19-20th of August 19-20 2017, second  international cycling festival will take place in Belarus. It will unite all Belarusian cyclists and fans of two-wheeled transport! Two days of the interesting program will include:
- Educational zone (interesting speakers from the CIS countries and Europe)
- Entertaining zone (zones of activity from the partners of the festival)
- Children's area (entertainment for the youngest)
- City of masters
- Music zone (performance of DJ and musicians)
- Night cinema (watching movies under the stars)
- Bike ride along the route "Volozhynskija Hascincy".

And all this will take place in a picturesque corner of our blue-eyed country, in a wonderful Shabli farmstead.

Free admission!

More information via phone: +375336309485 and e-mail:

The organizers of the event:
the project "Velodisko", the “Minsk Cycling Community” .