German Company Ortlieb Presented to Minsk Cycling Community Bags for Bicycles

Eight waterproof bags Ortlieb on the bike carrier were delivered by mail to the office of MCC. Members of the Minsk cycling community can use them to explore routes and for bike tours.

Why and for what? Naturally, not without initiative. One of the members of the Minsk cycling community, a famous cyclist Alexey Landres, has been cooperating with Ortlieb since 2015. The company supported him by sponsorship during one of his trips to Asia.

"Once we were talking to partners, and naturally I always tell about the Minsk cycling community, and the company decided that it would be interesting for them to support cycling in Belarus," – Alexey says. – First they gave us bags, and this is an important part of the equipment, since not all people who have a bicycle have such equipment.

The company does not have any special demands, how we should use the gift – the main thing is that it helps to develop cycling in our country.

If you are planning a bike tour and you are a member of the Minsk cycling community, you can rent a set of waterproof bags from our German partners for free. The volume of each bag is about 40 liters.

Also we recall that for the members of the Minsk cycling community are provided other "perks" - discounts in many bike stores, a discount on bike insurance, a free guide to Eurovelo 2 routes, the opportunity to rent children's bicycle trailer for free and the house in the center of Minsk that is always open for you.

If you are a commercial company and you are interested in cooperation, we are always open for mutual support.

To thank the company Ortlieb you can in the official group on Facebook or Instagram.

Photo by Anastasia Yanchevskaya