Cyclist assistant

Cyclist assistant



If you are a cyclist, but “swim” in the traffic rules - read “Cyclist Assistant ".

Helper Creators, youth organization Phalanstery found the time, shoveled all the traffic rules and in a short form collected all the provisions of the rules concerning the cyclist. The Wizard also provides other helpful tips, such as how to care for your bike. The assistant can be downloaded here (Russian) and here (Belorussian).

By the way, the Assistant is a "live" thing, and if you have something that could be changed or added - go to wiki page and add useful information!

Of course, many of us think that some of the points of the current rules are morally outdated. This can be discussed for a long time. We advise you to know the rules. At least in order to competently appeal at a “meeting” with a representative of the traffic police.

2013, September 30th

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