Where are we going? Summer cycling news from all over the country

And we, as always, are happy to share good news with you! Cycling activities, infrastructure changes, useful actions and cycling tourism are on the agenda. And all this in just one month. We are sure: further - only better! And we do not stop and keep on spinning.

  • In Mogilev cycle knights drove through the city center. And then united city cyclists in their zone at the Great City Picnic
  • Second Family bike parade took place in Gomel
  • Cycling activists from all over Belarus gathered for seminar on fundraising
  • Experts from the Dutch Couvorden will present their project development of cycling infrastructure in Brest
Cycling tourism
  • Family from Khanty-Mansiysk on bicycles and with young children travels across Belarus
  • Members of the NGO "VeloGomel" have developed collection tourist routes
  • Shopping center visitors in Brest taughthow to deal with bike theft
  • Brest celebrated the ten-year anniversary Open day
  • Alternative sight to get around the city from Pinsk
  • In the last days of June Brest visited 60 cyclists from Poland
  • Volunteer in Belovezhskaya Pushcha? Already real!
  • In summer camps, activists conduct trainings for the safe and comfortable use of the bike


We invite you to cycling conference "PraRovar. Tourism "23-24 August
A specialized conference on cycling tourism will be held in Minsk for the first time. The main theme is cycling tourism, which includes the development of cycling routes, travel arrangements and the economic component. Anyone interested in this topic can register for free as a listener of the conference. In addition, the recruitment of speakers at the conference is now continuing - applications can be submitted until the end of July.
Preparing for a marathon "Susedzi" at the finish line  
On July 20 (Saturday), the Susedzi marathon will be held for the ninth time at the Dombrovka gateway. Participants will compete at four different distances: from 7 to 70 km. In addition, a children's check-in is provided.  "Susedzi" - one of the most massive and striking bike starts in Belarus.
Cardboard Velovoysk impressed Mogilev residents at the City Day  
On June 29, two cycling events from the initiative took place in Mogilev "Tuteyshy rovar"... First, 30 cyclists in cardboard knight costumes opened the city parade. And then the cardboard Velovoysk went to the Big City Picnic, where a large-scale bike zone.
In the center of Gomel drove second Family bike parade
Even not too good weather did not prevent Gomel residents from enjoying a real family holiday. Raincoats only added a zest to the carnival costumes. The participants drove through the city center from the Medical University to the Festivalny Park. The entire organization was taken over by a public association VeloGomel.
In the estate near Minsk was held seminar on fundraising  
The event brought together more than 20 participants from all over Belarus, who are engaged in the development of cycling in their cities. The seminar was attended by activists from Minsk, Gomel, Grodno, Vitebsk, Vileika, Lida, Slonim and Bereza. These are both organizers of public associations and cycling initiatives, and representatives of educational institutions.


Lida residents are looking forward to an inclusive bike path

Since the end of 2017, Lida has been trying to implement a UNDP project to build an inclusive bicycle network. Its total length should be 10 km. Cycle paths will connect the neighborhoods with the central part of the city. Construction will be divided into two phases, the first of which is scheduled to begin this summer.

Experts have studied cycling in Drogichin and Beloozersk
In Drogichin, they are still trying to assign the role of a full-fledged bicycle infrastructure to the sidewalks, which turns out to be not very successful and looks rather gray.

But Beloozersk turned out to be one of the greenest cities that Brest specialists visited during the cycle monitoring. Streets in the city have one wide lane in each direction, which is a plus when traveling by bike. The sidewalks are mostly narrow, therefore, in places where there are no bike paths, it is more logical to provide for cyclists from the edge of the carriageway.


The Dutch will offer their development option to Brest residents cycling

Brest officials specially went on a business trip to the Netherlands to study the peculiarities of cycling in the sister city of Couvorden. The partnership between the two cities has been maintained for 20 years. In honor of the 1000th anniversary of Brest, the Dutch colleagues offered their help in designing the elements of the bicycle infrastructure in the Belarusian sister city.
Cycling tourism
Family with young children from Russia on vacation traveled half of Belarus on bicycles

A couple from Khanty-Mansiysk with a two-year-old daughter and a six-month-old son traveled 700 kilometers across Belarus on bicycles. This was the first bike ride for the family. They started on June 14 from Minsk. Then we drove towards Grodno through Nesvizh, Mir, Columns, Lida... From Grodno the cyclists went to Brest, where the tour ended. The family was delighted with the experience gained and the trip around Belarus.

Gomel created collection tourist routes in the city and region

Members NGO "VeloGomel" presented the result of their work at the international economic forum. The work was carried out thanks to the grant support of the non-governmental organization Civil Belarus / Czech Republic. One copy of the collection was played out among the subscribers of the group of a public association in social networks.


In Brest, near the shopping center, share against theft of bicycles

The employees of the Department of Internal Affairs and the information and educational institution “For Velo Brest” have united their efforts. Most often, bicycles are stolen, left unattended and without reliable locks. During the promotion, the store's buyers were reminded of the need to be attentive and reminded.

By the way, developed by members "For Velo Brest" Appendix RovarOK also helps keep your bike safe. You can leave in it message about theft, and caring users will help you find the stolen vehicle faster. In addition, through the application, you can publish complaints about the imperfection of the infrastructure. 23 calls from the section "Bicycle patrol" have already been sent to the city executive committee and DEP for response.

Friends and colleagues, thank you for sharing your experience. So we can unite and move in sync with the cycling Belarus.
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2019, July 19th

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