How to protect your bike from theft

1. Take a photo of your bike and write down the frame serial number (usually stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket)! Do not throw away the registration certificate.

2. Use a secure bike lock. We recommend using only a horseshoe lock - U-lock (see picture). Such locks are much more reliable than cable locks (they break open within 5-60 seconds). Horseshoes are not often found in Minsk, but they can be ordered from abroad relatively inexpensively, often cheaper than in Minsk stores. Recommended UK site  and german The sites are reliable, you can pay with Belarusian cards (Visa, Mastercard), delivery is carried out within 2 weeks.

Before choosing such a lock, check out the comparative tests because there are low-quality cheap ones in this segment too. Tests can be seen for example here or by request in the search engine “<model name of the lock> test rewiev”. Choose models from 20 Euro and weighing at least 700 g - this is the case when the savings will cost you more. The disadvantage of a horseshoe lock is the inability to catch on a thick lamppost. For transportation, some models have a mounting bracket on the frame - this is convenient.

3. The chain bike lock has no such disadvantage. It is more resistant than cable, but it can still be cracked in a minute. A good chain lock is heavy and has thick links (5mm in diameter) and weighs over a kilogram. If you always park your bike in the same place (for example, near the office), then you can not carry such a bike lock with you and leave it always strapped to the bike parking.

The chain lock can be “assembled” on your own. Chain - look at Zhdanovichi. The castle itself is in the hardware store. 

4. We also recommend a segment type lock. It is expensive, but reliable and you can chain your iron horse to the fence with it. Such a lock usually also has a bracket for transportation on the frame:

4. Park your bike in the most crowded area. This won't embarrass a seasoned thief, but it will scare off a rookie hijacker who is afraid of attracting unnecessary attention from passers-by. The look of video cameras and additional lighting will not interfere.

5. Secure the bike correctly. It is advisable to use a lock to fix not only the frame to the fence, but also to “grab” one of the wheels.

6. Sound alarm. The one in the picture is not very high quality, troublesome, but inexpensive and can scare off a thief. Sold in Minsk.

7. If you have an expensive bike - fix it with two locks.

8. A dirty bike is less attractive to a thief.

9. Try to negotiate with the watchman, and if it doesn't work, then with the director of the building where you work and keep the bike inside.

10. Bicycle insurance. This feature has been in effect for several years. For an annual amount of 5-7% of the value of your bike, you get a guarantee of compensation for loss in the event of theft, accident, damage to someone else's property (car or bike) and someone else's health. So far, only a few companies offer this service. Their insurance conditions are somewhat different - carefully read the insurance contract and compare. BelneftestrakhBelgosstrakh. Do you know other companies? - let us know.

The bike can always be stolen. And at the same time, you should not develop excessive paranoia in yourself and “wind up” yourself with thoughts about what is happening on the street with your two-wheeled friend. Think of a bicycle as just a thing. She came to you, she can also “leave”. Take it philosophically and just enjoy your trip!


2013, October 22nd

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