What can each of us do to improve cycling infrastructure?


Do not think that you only need to take on global tasks. Solving many small questions also helps to make significant progress in achieving the goal. In our case, this is the creation of a convenient infrastructure for cyclists.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to influence it, which is available to absolutely every city dweller, is an application for 115.white... This is a portal on which problematic issues related to housing and communal services and municipal services are accumulated.

What problems can you solve?

First of all, this applies to curbs and pits on the sidewalk. Please note that there is no permissible curb height. Since 2014 it operates change in the barrier-free environment regulation according to which, during new construction or during reconstruction, a difference in the heights of the side stone (curbs) at the intersection of the path of movement on the sidewalk with the carriageway of streets, main thoroughfares is not allowed.


How to submit a request correctly?

Step 1. Take a photo of the problem area. For example, a curb without downgrading. Photography does not have to be professional, a photo on a phone is fine.

Step 2. Register on the site 115.whiteif you don't have an account there yet.

Step 3. In the upper right corner, click the red "Report a problem" button.

Step 4. Select the required category City infrastructure | Roads, sidewalks. It has subcategories. Most likely, you will be satisfied with the Malfunction / inaccessibility of infrastructure for people with limited mobility, The technical condition of the pavement of pedestrian paths, parking lots or Pits / ledges on the roadway / sidewalk.

Step 5. Briefly, without emotions and unnecessary details, describe the situation. Add a photo and indicate the exact location.

Step 6. You should be informed about the solution to the problem, supporting the report with a photograph.

If every cyclist leaves at least one request, within a year we will be able to forget about the problem with curbs and, in general, make our beloved city much better!

By the way, many cities from all over Belarus have already joined the project. Therefore, there is an opportunity to influence the cycling infrastructure not only in the capital, but throughout the country.

2019, June 12th

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