What to do if, after road repairs, the curb does not meet the standards

What to do if, after road repairs, the curb does not meet the standards


One option is to write a complaint.

Let's figure out who is responsible for what:

1) Remavtodor of each specific area.
Responsible for street renovation. Which is logical from the name. He just carries out repairs.
Submits to the administration of a specific area.
For example: Remavtodor of Moskovsky district

2) District department of the traffic police.
Responsible for road safety. Indirectly interested in the streets being in order so that cyclists do not climb out onto the roadway because of high curbs.
Subordinate to the UGAI GUVD of the Minsk City Executive Committee.
For example, OGAI Moskovsky district

3) District Prosecutor's Office.
Monitors compliance with the rule of law. In the order of supervision, it can issue orders to eliminate violations.
It is subordinate to the prosecutor's office of Minsk, that - to the general prosecutor's office.
For example, Prosecutor's Office of the Moskovsky District

4) Finally, the district administration itself:
For example, Administration of the Moskovsky district
Responsible for the area as a whole.
Subordinate to the Minsk city executive committee.

5) UGAI GUVD Minsk City Executive Committee.
Responsible for road safety in the city. It is indirectly interested in the streets being in order, so that cyclists do not climb out onto the roadway because of the high curbs.

6) Minsk city executive committee

7) Inspection of the Department for Construction Control and Supervision (in Minsk and specialized, which is just responsible for the construction of roads)
Monitors the implementation of building codes during the construction process.
Submits to Gosstandart.

Complaints procedure:

1) Remavtodoru - with the requirement to bring the street in line with the norms.
At the same time, it can be duplicated in the district OGAI and in the district administration. It will not be superfluous. They will "bring her down" down to Remavtodor anyway. But it is important for us to notify them and get an answer from them.
Sample complaint.

How to submit appeals (complaints):

If there is an electronic reception on the site - through it or by e-mail to e-mail. The next day after sending, you call back to the office (departments for work with appeals) and ask whether your appeals have been received. You receive a registration number.

If there is no e-mail - by regular mail (registered mail), you can also bring it in person to the institution. Also get a registration number.

Always ask for an answer in your appeal by mail (that is, in writing).
The answer should come within 15 days.

At the same time, you can send us information about what you are doing on info@bike.org.by.
We want to track and understand which steps are successful and which are not.

If the first step is not effective, write above. We will write about this on this page later, but in each answer you will already have to write, where you can appeal it.

2014, May 8th

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